Glusinous is the epic boss battle that might appear somewhere in the near end of The Video Game.


Aqua Cat has protected his video game from Glusinous so he dosen't destroy everyone. He has used his ice powers to freeze him. Glusinous escaped though. Gumball,Darwin,Fireball,Anias,and MeeMee,had to stop him. So they both used the elements of all Capsule Monsters to bring Glusinous back to his iced prison...


He has an head simular to MOV Discord. He has a longr verson of Penny's antler and Discord's right horn. He has an long neck and body. He has a squid's arm, crab's claw, beaver's leg, eagle's leg, and an dragon's tail.


Fireball sliced his head of and it came flying off. Then, his head goes through the portal with Dinky, Sullvans little brother that made an third appearence, in the house. Glusious' head nearly hits Dinky but he successfully survives but Glusinous makes an hole on the wall.

Evil Gumball from The Clone and Trevor (Who is now stitched) are making an laser. But Glusious' head plugs it and it explodes


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