Gumball's Disaster at Sea is a fanfiction created by MissingNo. This is Part 1. Remember to leave feedback on my talk page!


A heavenly cruise back to Elmore becomes a fight for survival when things turn disasterous.

Characters used in this chapter


This story takes place after a three-week vacation in England. Gumball and Darwin are sad to leave as they were just getting used to the foreign location.

Gumball: -horribly depressed- But dad! Can't we stay at England?!

Darwin: Yeah, we were having so much fun!

Richard: Sorry guys, but your mom wants us home right now. She said she... -Nicole imitation- dosen't trust me! Hmph!

Anais: Yeah, and you have school in tommorow!

Gumball and Darwin: -screaming- FINE!

-Gumball and Darwin stubbornly step onto the ship-

Richard: Come on, Anais. Let's go.

-The family walks throughout the ship-

Darwin: Hey, dad? Where's our room?

Anais: Yeah. Where is our room?

Richard: -shocked- Huh?! Oh yeah, the room! Follow me!

-Gumball and Darwin spot a jellyfish at the captain's wheel-

Jellyfish Captain: -soft voice- Well, hello there, young cat and fish! Want to come here while your dad finds his room?

Gumball and Darwin: Ok!

-After a long period of time, Richard and Anais return running off of the ship-

Jellyfish Captain: ...and that is the bow of the ship.

Darwin: ...Hey Gumball, is that dad over there?

Richard: -scared- OH NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!

Darwin: What's wrong with dad?

Anais: Dad forgot the room keys in our hotel room! Gotta run!

-ship starts moving-

Gumball: Wait, Mister Captain sir! Our dad and our sister isn't on the ship! They gotta get our room keys!

Jellyfish Captain: Call me Captain Jelly Jr. And I can't stop the ship right now. I'm sorry!

Darwin: -scared- B-but what about us? What do we do without our dad?

Ct. Jelly Jr.: We'll just have them come over on another ship. You'll stay here until they arrive. I'll get some room keys for you for room 208.

Gumball: -sad- Fine, I guess...

-Ct. Jelly Jr. give Gumball and Darwin a room key that says "Key for Room 208 on the S.S Jellyfishes"-

Darwin: Come on, let's go Gumball. Bye Mister Captain Jelly Junior!

-Gumball and Darwin go to room 208 and unlock the door-

Gumball and Darwin: -awe- WHOOOOOA. Sweet!

Gumball: Look, I'm bouncing on the bed!

Darwin: Dude, I'm channel surfing!

Gumball: Hey! Check out these funny shaped soap bars!

Darwin: Wow, the carpet's gold! And fuzzy! Haha!

Gumball: And check out this view! Maybe this is a good thing we didn't stay in that old room 956 that Dad reserved!

Darwin: Yeah! And look at that fat, pink rabbit swimming with a girl rabbit on her back!

Gumball: Cool- wait, a fat, pink rabbit with a girl rabbit? Uh oh.

-Swimming rabbit yells from a distance-

Rabbit: Don't worry, Anais! We can get on the ship! Just hold on to that door key!

Gumball: -frightened- That can't be good!

Darwin: Don't worry! I'll throw some funny shaped soap at him so he knows we're he-

Gumball: -intterupts- NO! We can't let dad sneak up onto the ship! Isn't that, like, illegal?!

Darwin: Well, what else are we gonna do?!

Gumball: I don't know...

-Gumball suddenly twitches-

Gumball: I know what to do! Come on!

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