Gumball's Turnabout




Part No.

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Gumball is promptly arrested when he is found robbing a bank and must be proven not guilty by his attorney, Chase Swin.

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The Watterson family was scrambling around the neighborhood looking for Gumball. They asked questions about his whereabouts. No one had any answer. The Wattersons started feeling depressed, their depression growing larger each day. They lost hope until one of their neighbors told them where Gumball was. The news was horid. "Gumball was seen at a bank, he was found holding a diamond on his hand. He was arrested at the spot." their neighbor said to them. Nicole pulled her phone out as quick as a cheetah. She chated to the police working at the detention center (A place that criminals are put at.) and talked for what seemed like hours. She finally closed her phone. "We can see him tommorow." She says slowly. The Wattersons slept early, and woke up early. They walked down to the detention center, and saw Gumball talking to a man. Gumball looked pale and tired. The man looked smaller then most men, but worn a suit that not many people would wear. He spoke a few words and turned his face to the Wattersons. He walks up to them and shows a card. "...Chase Swin, newest attorney." he says in a sly tone. Nicole didn't trust him, but the rest of the Wattersons did. "I'm your sons attorney." he said. This got Nicoles attention. -----Authors Note: I played Phoenix Wright, a game about lawyers and such, and I thought this story would show how cross-over with The Amazing World Of Gumball would work. It worked well...XD-----

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