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Some of the information were from the amazing world of gumball wiki

Gumball Watterson
is the main character and protagonist of the show The Amazing World of Gumball. He is an irresponsible cat who always gets in trouble. When he is in trouble, he will think-up silly ideas to get them himself out of trouble, but that usually gets him in more trouble. His love life is a cheerleader named Penny. They fail to express their love of each other, however. He belongs to a weird family that is composed of him, his brother Darwin, his triplet sisters Mabel and Rayona, his (step-)dad Richard, his mom Nicole, and his sister Anais. His friends include Tobias and Banana Joe.


Gumball is a light blue cat with six total wiskers (but only five are visible). He wears a beige colored sweater with a field drab colored neckline and cuffs, he also wears dark grey pants with cream trimmings. His appearance looks similiar to his mom. He is a little chubby around his waist.

In RC's depiction at 13, Gumball has shaggy maroon (chestnut, brown-red) hair. His new attire consist in a light grey sweater and dark blue jeans. He has a birthmark shaped as a eight-pointed star on his right ear.


Gumball is a trouble-prone cat who is some-what upbeat. As shown in The DVD, he can be very overeactive. He usually gets in trouble because of his crazy shinanigans. He is some-what polite, as shown in The Ghost, because he will do whatever someone asks him to do until he gets fed-up with it. Gumball's antics sometimes keeps him from learning some key lessons of life.


  • Gumball is one of the 3 characters who have appeared in every episode.
  • As shown in The Quest, Gumball can't catch anything thrown at him.
  • Gumball can be some-what lazy, like Martha.
  • His name is based on the food and candy "Gumball."
  • Gumball is one of the few characters who break the fourth wall.
  • Gumball has a nano in FussionFall, a game in Cartoon Network. In the game, his dad, The GI, and the game Splash Master is mentioned.
  • Gumball has a very imaginative mind, as shown in "The Words" Where he fights Darwin, making the enviorment pixelated, like a old video game, the way that happened seems fairly similar to "Street Fighter".
  • in the fanon, he and his family are relatives with the Peterssons, beacuse Robin is Nicole's brother.
    • If they are relatives with the Peterssons, that doesn't means that they're relatives with the Armstrongs (That means that Audrey is Gumball's cousin's cousin :D)
  • When Gumball freaks out, he yells AHHHHHHHHHHH MEOW


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