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Gumball (formerly Zach) Tristopher Watterson is the main character and protagonist of the show The Amazing World of Gumball, also in the fanon. He is an irresponsible cat who always gets in trouble. When he is in trouble, he will think-up silly ideas to get them himself out of trouble, but that usually gets him in more trouble. His love life is a dog named Martha. However, he fails to express his love of her, and she considers him more a "little brother". He belongs to a weird family that is composed of him, his brother Darwin, his quadruplet sisters Mabel, Rayona and Purriana Grande. His dad Richard, his mom Nicole, his younger sister Anais, grandparents and many, many uncle, aunts and cousins. His friends include Cobby, Darwin and Benzuss.

Gumball (former Zach) Tristopher Watterson






12(in Season 1 and 2), 13 (in Season 3 and in The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie), 17 (in The Amazing World of Gumball: After Years)



Also Known as:

GB (by Martha), Pigeon


Martha (girlfriend), Cobby (best friend), Darwin (best friend), Mabel, Purriana, Rayona, Remy


Jacob Hopkins


Fireball, Darwin (brothers), Mabel, Rayona, Purriana, Anais, Olivia (sisters), Nicole (mother), Richard (father)


Nicole was expecting to have one child, however, she was conceiving quadruplets. Gumball was born 5 minutes later than his sisters, making him the youngest. But he was born with a really ugly facial structure. The doctors were disgusted by this and performs an operation to fix his facial structure and they succeed.

He grew up without the knowledge of having quadruplet siblings, and believed that he is the second oldest child. But everything changed as Rayona came home. He was shocked, but then was fine with it. However, after she gains more attention from the family, Gumball grew jealous and tries to kick her out of the hous, but fails. He and she reconciled and believed that they are twins until...

At the age of 10, Nicole calls him to talk to Granny Helen. He was confused at first, but Rayona forced him to do so. But what he did not expect is that he is going to talk to a girl who looks almost like him. He once thought that she was his doppelgänger, but turns out, it was his sister. Instead of being shocked, he was happy and talked to her for a whole day. He excitedly waits for her at the airport and introduced her to the others, as well to her new classmates.

2 years later, the Nuttels moved in to their neighborhood. Gumball wants to meet them, but Nicole tells him that he will have to wait because he still has school. He talked with his siblings about this and we're excited to meet them. At the end of day, they met the Nuttels and was suddenly infatuated to the Albino dog named Martha, but he puts it aside and meets Cobby, who was talking to Mabel. He interrupts them and introduced themselves, but was confused why they were shocked. He sons learns that they were childhood friends and jokes about them. He sooon introduced himself to Martha, and Martha introduced to the others. He starts to grow infatuated with Martha, and puts Penny aside, so that he can finally have a chance on her and succeeds.

One time, Purriana moved into Elmore and wondered why there is a celebrity at their house, until Nicole tells them that they are not triplets, but QUADRUPLETS. They were shocked at first but learns to accept her and showed her around.


Gumball is a light blue cat with six total whiskers (but only five are visible). He wears a beige colored sweater with a field drab colored neckline and cuffs, he also wears dark grey pants with cream trimmings. His appearance looks similar to his mom. He is a little chubby around his waist.

In RC's depiction at 13, Gumball has shaggy maroon (chestnut, brown-red) hair. His new attire consist in a light grey sweater and dark blue jeans. He has a birthmark shaped as a eight-pointed star on his right ear.

In Season 4, his attire is almost same. He keeps his Aerium Gem in a belt, and wears grey gloves with a wind sign.

in "Gumball Final Fantasy" he has a black long sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans, black gloves, shaggy Marion hair, wears his Aerium gem as a belt and his weapon Its a razor blade.


Gumball is a trouble-prone cat who is some-what upbeat. As shown in The DVD, he can be very over reactive. He usually gets in trouble because of his crazy shinanigans. He is some-what polite, as shown in The Ghost, because he will do whatever someone asks him to do until he gets fed-up with it. Gumball's antics sometimes keeps him from learning some key lessons of life.

in "Gumball Final Fantasy" he's cocky, tough, but serious, polite and nice 14 teenager. He is the leader in the gang and fights together, but turned down his role, for he still obeys his laziness. He is very competitive, just like Conny and Rayona, and competes each other.


  • Gumball is one of the 3 characters who have appeared in every episode.
  • He once hid upside down in Remote Fun Time!.
  • Gumball is one of the few characters who are actually from the real show, and not OCs.
  • As shown in The Quest, Gumball can't catch many things thrown at him.
  • Gumball can be somewhat lazy, like Martha and Benzuss.
  • As in "The Name" his real name is Zach, and is later changed to Gumball
  • His nickname (later "legal" name) is based on the food and candy "Gumball".
  • Gumball is the only male between the Watterson Quadruples.
  • Gumball is one of the few characters who break the fourth wall.
  • Gumball has a nano in FusionFall, a game in Cartoon Network. In the game, his dad, The GI, and the game Splash Master are mentioned.
  • Gumball has a very imaginative mind, as shown in "The Words" Where he fights Darwin, making the environment pixelated, like a old video game, the way that happened seems fairly similar to "Street Fighter".
  • In the fanon, he and his family are relatives with the Peterssons, because Robin is Nicole's brother.
    • If they are relatives with the Peterssons, that doesn't means that they're relatives with the Armstrongs (That means that Audrey is Gumball's cousin's cousin )
  • He hangs out with MANY girls (And the girls are Martha and his sisters).
  • He also knows how to play an electric guitar, because he was taught by Martha.
  • He is the youngest of the quadruplets.
  • He still talks in his sleep.
  • He is one inch smaller than his sisters Rayona and Purriana, but two inch smaller than Mabel. However, he is one inch taller than Cobby and Darwin.
  • The symbols on his gloves caused some unpredictable things on himself, like turning into gas or illusions or even duplicate.


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