Gumball and His Clone, Part 2




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Part Two




Continuation of Gumball and His Clone.

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Gumball and His Clone

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Gumball: Chewgum?! What kind of messed up name is that?!

Chewgum: Sorry, I wasn't the one who thought of my name!

Nicole: Gumball! Don't be mean to your new friends like that!

Gumball: But Moooooommm...! He looks JUST LIKE ME! Don't you think it's a little weird?

  • Nicole looks at Gumball and then Chewgum

Nicole: Yes, it's pretty odd, but if you look closely, he is dark blue, sweetie.

  • Gumball sighs

Gumball: Ugh...! Chewgum, lets go upstairs...

Chewgum: Okay!

  • Gumball and Chewgum walk upstairs

Darwin: Hey, who's this?

Gumball: Oh, him? He's...Ummm....

Chewgum: I'm Chewgum.

  • Darwin pokes Chewgum

Darwin: Woah! He looks just like you...only darker.

Gumball: Yeah, that's what mom said.

Chewgum: So you are Darwin? I have a fish JUST like you! His name is Karwin.

Darwin: Really?

Chewgum: Yeah!

Gumball: Wait, you have a clone of Darwin too?

Chewgum: If you mean a similar person, then yes. My mom is also like yours. Her name is...

Gumball and Darwin: Colena?

Chewgum: Yes! How'd you know?

Gumball: Lucky guess...

  • Authors note: I love making awful names! (Orz....Horrible names...)

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