Story: Tobias, Banana Joe, and Gumball sneak in the school to find the answers for an upcoming test.

Gumball: Hurry up, guys! I think some of the teachers are still here! ...Where is Tobias?

Banana Joe: I don't know. He was here last time. Was he found by the teacher?

-Tobias' point of veiw-

Principal Brown: Tell me why your here after school!

Tobias: I won't tell you! Never!

Principal Brown: Ah hah! I know why your here!

Tobias: R-R-Really...?

Principal Brown: Yes! Your here to study even more!!!

-Principal Brown gives Tobias a huge book-

Principal Brown: Now that your here, I'll teach you the basic's of being a principal...

Tobias: NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!

-Back to Banana Joe and Gumball's view-

Tobias' Echo: Noooooooooo....!

Gumball: Did you hear that?

Banana Joe: Hear what?

Gumball: Oh, nothing. Look, I see Miss Simian's room.

-The two walk up to the door-

Banana Joe: The room is bright, I think Miss Simian is there.

Gumball: Who cares?! We need to get the test answers NOW or else we'll fail.

Banana Joe: I studied.

Gumball: Well I didn't, so we have to go...

Gumball: NINJA TIME!

-Gumball sneaks in a air vent and Banana Joe follows shortly-

Miss Simian: Hurph....Maybe I can get out early...

Gumball: Okay...All we have to do is to sneak in and...

Banana Joe: W-w-woah!

-Banana Joe falls down-

Miss Simian: Huh?! B-Banana Joe?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!

Banana Joe: Uhhh...I was...Trying to see you?

Miss Simian: Nice excuse, follow me for your punishment...

-Miss Simian leaves with Banana Joe-

Gumball: Oh no, What should I do?!


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