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December 16, 3:00 P.M

School was finally finished, and Gumball stepped out of the bus. He stepped on the snow and danced happily on it. "Yes!" Gumball yelled. He dances some more. "No school tomorrow!" he says to Darwin. Darwin just nods, which made Gumball suspicious. "Why aren't you happy, there's snow, there's no school..." Darwin just turns away. He stares at Tobias and a random girl who resembles him. Gumball just laughs. "Dude, those your..." Gumball holds his laughter. "...friends?" he says through the laughter building inside him. The girl comes up to Gumball and Gumball leans back. The girl was at least a head bigger than him. "I doubt you have many friends yourself." She says in a quiet tone. The girl backs away. "Come on Tobias, lets go." She says. Tobias nods and walks away with the girl. "Ugh...Darwin...lets go!" Gumball says and stomps away.

December 16, 9:00 P.M

After wasting six hours on homework (It was about as tall as Gumball, if you wanted to know.) he could finally relax..."GUMBALL, IT'S TIME TO SLEEP!" Nicole (Or Mom, whatever.) yells. Gumball kicks the table, making his foot turn red and ache. Gumball walks upstairs, stomping his feet each step, which made his mom yell loudly. "GUMBALL WATTERSON, YOU BETTER NOT BE SLAMMING YOUR FOOT ON THE STAIRS!" screams Nicole. Gumball roles his eyes. As he reached his bed, he kicked part of the blanket. "Not in the mood to talk, huh?" Gumball just tosses and turns. He didn't want to talk, not even to Darwin. He just wanted to sleep...

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