December 16, 8:34 A.M

Gumball yawns loudly and stretches his arms. "...Mmmph....Darwin....?" He says in a muffled voice. Darwin looks at him through the fish bowl. "Time for school already?" Darwin tells him, getting out of his bowl. Gumball looks at the calander posted on his wall. "School? What do you mean? It's Friday! We don't HAVE school!" Gumball says. "What do you mean? It's clearly Thursday." Darwin answers back. As Darwin leaves the room, Gumball is in a state of shock. "...Thursday..." He mutters to himself. "It's really...Thursday..."

December 16, 9:57 A.M

Gumball sits in his desk, listening to Miss Simian blab about some nonsense, but he couldn't focus. His mind was flustered by the idea of it being Thursday again. "...Gumball? Do you have the answer?" Miss Simian yells. "Huh-wha-WHAT?" Gumball screams. He fumbles on his chair and falls over. Miss Simian just sighs and gets on with the lesson. It's almost lunch, he could think there...

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