The Title

It was a nice day in Elmore and it was Summertime. The birds were singing, Gumball was playing with Darwin, Penny was practicing for a parade, Larry was working, Richard was relaxing, Nicole was fixing the car, Tobias was playing with Gumball, Banana Joe, Penny and Darwin. But suddenly sirens across Elmore caught something near the Pacific Ocean. It was a monster named Red King. It ripped out the building Larry was working in and threw it causing an explosion. Suddenly Gumball saw a robot about to fight Red King and it was a superhero and he was Ultraman. Ultraman punched Red King and defeated Red King. Ultraman greeted Gumball and was revealed to be Richard his dad and saying he now works for a science patrol. He decided to take him there and Gumball said "Yes I would like to see it". To be continued....


Red King about to kill Larry.

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