Gumball of the Dead




Part No.

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Gumball and his friends are caught in a pandemic.

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Gumball of the Dead Part2


T.V. Reporter: In other news today, there is a new Virus...

(Gumball changes the channel )

Gumball: BORING....I wonder what else is on T.V..

Nicole: Oh no you don't, it's time to go to school.

Darwin: Okay, let me go get my project for class. (Leaves room)

(returns with a device that is basically a slice of moldy pizza on a stick.)

Darwin: It's the Leaning Tower of Pizza.

Gumball: I did the Apocalypse. I still don't understand why Miss Simian had this project due today. I mean, it is the last day of school.

Nicole: She said the grade will go on next year report card. Now let's go, it is time to go to school.

(Gumball and Darwin go onto the school bus, and talk with classmates).

Penny: Hey Gumball, I'm having a beach party over the weekend, and you and Darwin are invited.

Gumball: Sure I'll come, what do you think, Darwin?

Darwin: Sure. Wow all those situps really helped me get that beach body.

(rips off shirt revealing nothing but a round belly)

Gumball: Darwin, for the millionth time, you did not do the situps.

Darwin: (in a hurt voice) I'm still wearing a speedo.

( they arrive at Elmore Junior High, in Miss Simian's class)

Miss Simian : After looking at all of your famous landmark projects, only Bobert's was decent. Well, here is your report cards....Gumball Watterson, here is yours.

(Gumball looks down on it and sees all F's, but he still got to move onto the next grade.)

Miss Simian: Class, I am moving up to the next grade too.

(Class gives a gasp off utter fear and repulsion. The bell rings and the class stampedes out.)

Gumball: Darwin, you wanna go home and play some video games?

Darwin: Sure.

(they arrive at the house and walk in. Richard is on the couch, Nicole is in the kitchen)

Gumball: Hey mom, Darwin and I got invited to a beach party.

Nicole: Well, you didn't stay back a year, so yes.

Gumball: Thanks mom, I love you. (hugs Nicole)

Nicole: When is the party?

Gumball: Tommorow, and it lasts over the weekend.

Nicole: (sighs) Fine.

(Anais enters the room)

Anais: Make sure you bring hand sanitizer you know, with this new virus going around.


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