Gumball of the Dead (Part 2)






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(the next morning)

Gumball: Come on mom let's go!

Nicole: Okay, Darwin are you ready to go.

Darwin: In a minute I need to make sure I have everything . Let's see. Speedo, check , tanning oil, check, steriods.. I mean candy double check. picture of the family check.

Nicole: Richard I will be back in two hours okay?

Richard: Okay honey bye.

(in the car)

Gumball: Darwin why are you obsessed with your body latley?

Darwin: I don't puberty I think.

Gumball: Creepy but okay. Wow look at the size of that mall!

Darwin: Wow, and there's the exit to the beach.

( Nicole pulls into the parking lot.)

Darwin: Let's party

Nicole: Not just yet i need to talk to Penny's mom.

( Nicole comes back a few minutes later)

Nicole: Bye I love you

Darwin: Bye mom

Gumball See you

( Gumball and Darwin run off)

Bobert: Let me get my party on

Banna Joe: oh no i split my pants.

(penny comes over to Gumball)

Penny:Hey Gumball

Gumball Hi Penny

Penny: I'm glad you could make it

Gumball: Thanks

( Later that night at a bonfire)

Skylar: Let's tell ghost stories.

Carrie: Wow that's a slap in the face, why you think all ghosts are scary, ...

Gumball:(in a whisper) Here she goes again

(Many annoying sentances by Carrie later)

Carrie: and that's why we shouldn't say ghost storie.

Skylar:fine scary stories.

Lesile:I'm going to bed

Terry: me to

(every one heads to bed,Except for Gumball and penny)

Gumball: it's just you and me

( Penny yawns) Penny: I'mm going to bed sorry Gumball

Gumball: (Disappointed) oh... well good night.


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