Gumball of the Dead




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Continuation of Gumball of the Dead.

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Gumball of the Dead Part2


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(Sirens ringing)

Tina: Gumball, do you hear that?

(Gumball wakes up and sees Tina)

Gumball: Oh my gosh, you're watching me sleep....(BANG) Okay, what was that?

Darwin: Gumball, I'm scared.

(Screams echoed from the boulevard, they go outside and see smoke billowing from a nearby area.)

Penny's mom: Kids, get your things, we're leaving.

Banna Joe: Whats happening... oops, I split my pants again.

Bobert : I just popped a tire.

(10 minutes later, everyone is assembled, more screams, more sirens, more smoke, people sprinting and screaming inauidable words, babies crying, children whining.)

Gumball: What's going on?

Penny's mom: Let's go.

(Walking on the boulevard, police officers going into buildings, some of the buuidings near them were burning now. In intersections, there were cars honking at each other, some pedestrians were shambling as if they blew out their knee, others were sprinting away from the shambling people, why? Hadn't they heard of helping the wounded? )

Gumball: I can't see in front of me, there are too much people.

Lesile: I'm dropping my soil everywhere.

( People were shoving and cutting and soon half the group, including Penny's mom, got seprated. )

Gumball: Everyone here, turn around.

Penny: Why?

Banana Joe: I'm with Gumball, we can't go with the crowd.

Darwin: We have to call mom, Gumball.

Gumball: Darwin's right, we have to call our parents.

(Then, a horrible scream came from someone. Everyone in Gumball's group turned around. They saw what looked like a person biting into Tina's tree trunk of a leg. Tina started shaking violently, her eyes turned red)

Darwin: RUN!

(They ran, Killer Tina was right behind them, She ate Teri, or at least part of Teri, because she started chasing after them too. They ran down a narrow ally and Tina couldn't chase them anymore, but sociopathic Terry still ran like a fat kid trying to find the ice-cream truck. They hopped over a fence and saw the giant mall.)

Gumball: Get into the mall.

(They ran to the door but it was locked, of course it was. They ran around the side of the mall and hoped onto a dumpster and climbed. They already pulled down fire escape. As they climbed Cannibal Tina got her teeth on the bottom brown part of Banna Joe's peel and pulled it off.)

Banna Joe: AW, I'm naked.

(They finally got to the top of the roof and they walked by by a busted padlock and walked down the stairs.)


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