Gumbapedia Fanon wiki

The Gumbapedia Fanon wiki is a wikia made for fans of The Amazing World of Gumball to make their own fanfiction stories. We have a list of fanfictions availible so people can find and read them.

The articles here differ from normal articles you would probably see on Wikipedia. Because of this, the way of editing articles on the wiki are also a bit different. More info about this is on Articles. Feel free to edit our articles.

The wiki was founded by GumbalFan2, and has gone inactive. In replacement, MissingNo was made admin of the wiki. MissingNo kept the wiki in order along with another admin and helped it improve. From then on, the wiki grew to 1,759 articles.

We hope you have a fun time making your own articles, and good luck!

The Amazing World of Gumball

The wiki to the actual show can be found here.

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