Gummy Lee is the female counterpart of Gumball and Gumball's on and off girlfriend.


Gummy is a pink cat and has a ombre short hair (pink-neon pink-strawberry-fucsia-purple). She wears a sporty-floral blue dress with pink flowers, green leaves and a dark blue 0 in sport style. The dress has also a yellow belt with black dots and a big tie. She also wears dark purple leggins and black Mary Jane shoes.


As different as Gumball's personality, she's sometimes bratty, rarely mean and acts like a diva, but she's steamtress and generous.

Voice Actors

  • Laine MacNeil (Specials)
  • Tabitha St. Germain (US/UK/CAN/AUS)
  • Kazumi Evans (singing US/UK/CAN/AUS)
  • TBA (Japan)
  • TBA (France)
  • TBA (Italy)
  • TBA (Mexico/Latin America)
  • TBA (Spain)
  • TBA (Danish)




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