Qid revives to take revenge of Darwin.

Time episodes

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  • Darwin
  • Qid
  • Qid´father
  • Qid´mom
  • Gumball Watterson


  • Fireball
  • Sullvan
  • Penny
  • Sr.Small


  • Have 1,2,3 and 4 parts.
  • Qid and Fireball revives thanks to liquid.
    • Sullvan Penny kills.

Plot (part 1)

  • (in the house)
  • Darwin: AAAAAAAH!, I have dreamed with qid live.
  • Gumball: Idiot, this died by you.
  • Darwin: To go to the bath.
  • Gumball:okay
  • (In the bathroom)
  • Darwin: That to be this sound?
  • Qid: I am going to stab, to fuck you.
  • Qid:HAHAHA
  • Darwin: I to say the sucker thing to Fireball that to be your.
  • Fireball: Who sucker?
  • Darwin:fuck you, the soil trembles.
  • Mom qid:Fish of shit , since daring my son to insult?
  • Darwin:Gumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!
  • Dad qid:Son,son?............
  • Gumball:Fuck , eeeh , Darwin is a brother and...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Darwin:Gumball!
  • Gumball: Almost it cuts the neck and I am going to kill him.
  • (the dads of qid flee)
  • Darwin: Since re-living?
  • Qid:scine a liquid.
  • Fireball: That to spend?
  • Darwin: Nothing
  • (Qid bursts in pieces and dies again)
  • Gumball:One moment, Fireball not to be to Fireball not to be murdered?
  • Darwin:That?
  • Fireball: I go away, HAHAHA!
  • Gumball:shit , is a zombie
  • Qid gosht:Shit milord , HAHAHAHA!
  • Darwin:WTF
  • Gumball:WTF
  • Qid gosht:Hey , my family is a shit.
  • Gumball:That?

Plot (part 2)

  • Qid:they were bad with me when it was small.
  • Qid song: When it was small, my mother was taking care of me badly, when I was small my father me to take care fatally...
  • Darwin: You must be awkward.
  • Gumball: It
  • Qid:OH MY GOD, behind of you!
  • Gumball:That?
  • Qid:HAHAHA,losser.
  • Darwin:That a That!
  • Gumball: losser your.
  • Qid:no
  • Gumball.yes,losser.
  • Darwin: That fuck you.
  • Qid:HAHAHA!
  • Gumball:losser...

Plot (part 3)

  • Qid:Fight.
  • Darwin:no.
  • Qid:fuck.
  • Gumball:that?
  • Qid:fuck my.
  • Darwin:See the TV.
  • Gumball:that?
  • Qid:the hypnosis no is a shit.
  • Gumball:Nooooooooooooooo
  • Qid:Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  • Gumball(stabbing Qid):Losseeeeeeeeer.

Plot (part 4)

  • Writing by:Un Usuario de wikia.
  • Gumball: Well, that was a GREAT fight!
  • Darwin:Yeah!
  • ???????: STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gumball, Fireball and Darwin: ???
  • Sullvan: (Holding up a vacumm.) If any of you say one more bad word, NOBODY MOVE, (Shows Sullvan with a giant glass jar fulled with lava.) NOBODY GETS HURT!!!
  • Fireball: ._. Nope! Nope We won't say nothing at all! (Nerviously.)
  • Darwin: Yeah! No problem! (Nerviously.)
  • Gumball: Yeah! (Nerviously.)
  • Sullvan: (Puts vacumm down.) Oh. Okay! I was just wondering if I don't have anger issuses like you, Fireball!
  • Everyone but Sullvan: (Faint.)
  • Sullvan: You guys okay? Guys...Guys.......
  • (The following day), in the Stop sign Bus)
  • Penny: I not to tolerate the lactose.
  • Sullvan:¿AND?
  • Penny:fuck yu
  • Sullvan:..............(Takes chainsaw out and turns it on.)
  • Sullvan: (Turns it of.) Hmhmhmhmhmhm......
  • Gumball:Stop
  • Darwin:Fact of less to Qid.
  • Gumball:That...
  • Penny:a...
  • Sullvan:That?
  • Darwin: YEAH
  • Sr.Small:Kids , the bus beginning thbe trip.

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