Heather Higgins
Heather 2
Gender: Female
Age: 12 (later 13)
Species: Cat
Friends: Gumball Watterson (possible boyfriend), Juli, Shelldon, Mabel Watterson, Martha Nuttels,
Enemies: Sullvan Dog (just in To Abbeybunny), Clowns (her fear)
Relatives: Mr. and Mrs Higgins(Parents)Connor Higgins (Younger brother),

Ashley Higgins (Older sister)

Debut: The Students


Heather Higgins is a student at Elmore junior High who debuted in The Students fanfiction. She is another one of the minor characters who become somewhat major.



  • Even though Heather's recent residence is most likely Elmore, it is possible that she lived somewhere else before having to move to Elmore and into the most recent school, which is Elmore Junior High.
  • She is very good friends with Juli and Shelldon, as shown in The Students.
  • Gumball didn't made a promise that he'll marry Heather or not in the furture, so Heather's future spouse will be he or another else.
  • Now Heather is part of the Gummabrayty Alliance! It's renamed to Gummabraymontyson.
  • She is one of the many possibles girlfriends of Gumball.
  • She did kill Sullvan again in To Abbeybunny. She is not hated though.
  • If Martha doesn't hate her, that means Heather's safe.
  • Heather can be a bit brat sometimes.

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