"Forgot about that thing. It's just one big and disappointing failure. It doesn't deserve to see the light of day ever again."
Species: Molten dog creature
Friends: Gumball, Fangy, Lily, Sullvan
Enemies: Dr. Budur, Fangy (when evil)
Relatives: Sullvan Dog (brother) Fangy (step brother)
Debut: From Bad to Budur
Voiced by: Bumper Robinson (distorted)

Roger is a character who made his debut in From Bad to Budur. He is an amalgamation of ever dog character (Excluding Sullvan, Dinky, Fangy, and others) that had appeared in the series. He's controlled by Hot Dog.


Roger appears to have a melting appearance. He doesn't have any eyes, or teeth. Roger has six strains of hair, instead of the usual 3 hair strains some of the specific dog characters had. Roger has some arms, legs, and bodies sticking out of some areas of it's body. He appears to have TP3's wing melted deep onto his lower backside, with a hand at the end. He has another wing from TP3 on his left side, but shorter and more melted. He appears to have Hot Dog's head on the top right side of his head sticking out as well, with no eyes or teeth either.


Coming soon.


  • Roger seems to be based off of the Amalgamates from the hit video game, Undertale, by Toby fox.
  • Despite the fact that he's combined with multiple characters, Roger is not a fusion.

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