How the Grinch Bought Elmore


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Miss Simian and Principal Brown are put in charge of the town.

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The fate of Elmore rests in the hands of Gumball.


The day was supposed to be memorial. Instead, it felt very boring. First of all, everyone was crowded into the cafeteria. Some poeple had to share their chairs. Others were forced to stand-up. Secondly, the mayor was speaking. Mr. Vanderwick had been mayor of Elmore for about 15 years. And everything he talked about gave you the perfect chance to sleep. Gumball, Darwin, Penny, and Stacy were all wearily listening to him. Stacy, working on her book on Gumball's and Penny's Kidnapping, was already done with three chaprters as the mayor droned on and on. However, he said something that shocked everyone.

Mayor Vanderwick: Students and citizens of Elmore, I have decided to retire for one week to visit relatives in Russia. I should be leaving Miss Simian and Principal Brown in charge of the town while I'm gone.

Everyone gasped. Everyone, especially Gumball, started protesting against the move.

"SILENCE!", Miss Simian yelled.

"THE NEXT PERSON WHO SPEAKS WILL GET DETENTION FOR 2 WEEKS." Everyone got quiet. Principal Brown stepped into the stage.

Principal Brown: I feel in my best intrests to accept the temprorary deed of the town given to me by Mayor Vanderwick.

Vanderwick's hand which carried the deed met Principal Brown's, and Principal Brown took the deed and departed with Miss Simian. The other teachers tried to calm down everyone who were protesting and asking questions. Gumball was outraged.

"Who would put Miss Simian in charge of the entire town with Principal Brown?", he yelled. Darwin, Stacy, and Penny agreed.

"Let's go make an official protest.", Stacy said. All four rose from their seats and marched towards Mayor Vanderwick, who was chatting on the phone. As they approached him, they were careful not to be spotted by the teachers. When they reched him, they eavesdropped on his conversation.

Mayor Vanderwick: Yes, the plan is going perfectly. Of course! Why elese would I put them in charge?" Everyone looked at each other in shock.

"Plan?", Gumball asked.

"Put them in charge?", Darwin asked.

"Excuse me." Mayor Vanderwick said.

"But eavesdropping is rude.", he noticed the four kids' guilty looks.

"What did you hear?", the mayor asked. They remained silent.

"Well, lets just see about that." He took each of the students hands and marched them off to the detention room.

"You have one day to tell me what you heard.", the mayor said.

"Or I will try Plan B." He shut, and locked, the door. They were trapped in the room.


  • The title is a play on the title of the movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."
  • The character Mayor Vanderwick makes his debut here.


A Journalistic Review: 9.3/10