How to Act Natural Without Really Trying


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GumbalFan2 (now currently GumballFan23)


Gumball and Darwin battle as their alter egos in Gotham City.

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Gumball dresses-up as his alter-ego, Cat-Man and fights the villian Fish-Paste (who is Darwin). NOTE: THE WRITER GOT BORED, SO THE PLOT SORT-OF SUCKS.


The day went by horibly slow. First, Miss Simian began Thursday with a surprise test. Then, the Cafeteria had to shut-down due to Rocky accidently setting the room on fire. Gumball and Darwin are then sent to the library for mischief. Gumball and Darwin, bored, decide to become super-heros. Gumball says the magic word (meow!) and becomes Cat-Man, while Darwin becomes the villian Fish-Paste. As they begin their "epic fight," Gumball and Darwin use their imagination that leads them to Gothem City, where their "fight" interrupts Bat-Man fighting The Joker. The fight goes-on and on, to the point where Gumball and Darwin get exhausted and decide to call a temporary truce. Cat-Man and Fish-Paste get some refreshments, and after 10 minutes of nothing but talking with each other, they continue the fight. The fight again goes on and on until, just when Cat-Man is about to strike the climactic blow, Miss Simian comes in and orders the two to go to detention.


  • This is the first appearance of Gumball's and Darwin's alter egos.
  • Cat-Man is a parody of the famous comic book hero Bat-Man.
  • The title of this episode is a parody of the Broadway musical "How To Suceed In Business Without Really Trying".