Gumball: That's awesome!

Monty: I know, right? I even found this book of spells on the field!


Monty: Let's try the one that... gives you Amazing Strechy Powers!

Monty: Strech, strech, me! I want to strech for the win!

  • Monty strechs up in the air*

Monty: Oh, oh, oh! Hey, I'm getting the hang of it!

Gumball: Now I'll use the spell that makes Prune Prooving-It books fall out of the sky! =D

Mabel: Prune, prooving, it! Come down from the air this instant!

  • Prune Prooving-It books fall from the clouds*

Gumball and Mabel: Cool!

Mabel: Is it raining books from my favorite series - Prune Prooving-It? Well, I wished for Mabel Cents!

Monty: Money, money, Mabel Cents! Please fall to me right now!

  • Mabel Cents start raining inside the books*
  • Gumball opens book*

Gumball: Yay! I wished for allowance money!

  • Monty finally comes down from streching his body*

Monty: That... was... AWESOME!

Gumball and Mabel: How about the spell to end all spells?

Monty: NO!

Gumball and Mabel: End all spells, end all spells. Get the spell to end all spells!

Monty: WAIT!

  • Everything disappears*

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