Human Gumball is a both minor and supporting character of the show. He is first seen in, The humcat. He is the human verson of Gumball Watterson.


He is animated in anime an his skin color is white. He has blue,shiny,hair with ears. His tail is really longer than his animal one. He has blue sneakers. He wears a longer verson of his sweater. He is as long as his mom. He is really dumb. In season 2, all his blue parts are periwinkle.


He was first seen in,The humcat when Gumball drank Anias's human potion. Anias hires Max to take care of him.

Episode Appearences

The humcat

The Girlfriend

The Babysitter

The Sullvan

Human Gumball's Sorrow

The Sad


4th human character. The others are Tyler,Martin,and Cody.

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