Human Gumball's Sorrow is a sad episode of The Show.


Human Gumball.

Anias Watterson.

Darwin (Dead.)

Max Dog (Dead.)

Sullvan Dog (Dead.)

Gumball Watterson (In the real Show


Giant Dark Gumball steps on Max causing him to die. Human Gumball feels sad and will never talk again.


(Shows a poster of the incoming The Living episode.)

(In the beginning of SULLVAN.MOV.)

Max: Hmm I wonder where everyone went!

Max: Possibly hiding. Oh well. I'll just watch some T........ (Sees Dark Gumball About to crush him.)......V?

(Dark Gumball steps on him.)

(Skips to other scene.)

(Humball Gumball at the Grave.)

(Dashie plays.)

Gumball: (Sigh.) I can't belive it! I miss him already! *Sniff*

Gumball: (In the shower.) (Cries.)

Anias: Cmon Gumball. It's ok.

Gumball (Still cries.)

Anias: *Facepalm.* OK.OK. If I hire a NEW babysitter, THEN will you shut up!?

(Gumball comes out of the shower naked with no towel.)

Anias: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! NAKED HUMAN!!!!!

Gumball: Hm. (Goes back in the shower.)

Anias: *Sigh.*...........

To Be Continued.


This makes TONS of refrences of Jappleack's Sorrow.

5th time Felix dosent appear.

This is the first time Human Gumball cries.

Not only Max died, we also see other people that are dead here.

Darwin: In a The Fireball Adventure deleted scene, We see Sullvan shooting fireworks at him with an FireWork Cannon.

Sullvan: In The Rock, he was killed by a rock.

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