Episode 5 of I Have GUTS.


Both teams enter the stadium. They are greeted by Frostery, who has a stack of pies next to him.

Frostery: Hello, people! Welcome to challange five!

No one says anything.

Frostery: I thought you would be cheering. Oh well, today the challange involves a pie fight! You will attempt to hit the other team with pies. Whoever's the last one standing will be given immunity, along with the tem they belong. Now, BEGIN!

Both teams gran the pies on the table and begin throwing.

Emily: This one is for last time, Stuffings!

Emily hits Stace square in the face with a pie.

Darwin: Back at ya!

Darwin tries to hit Emily with a pie, but misses. Emily throws a pie at Darwin and hits before he can react.

Darwin: What just happened?

The Gladiators scramble to avoid the flying pie and Tobias and Rocky are both hit with the same pie.

Frostery: It looks like the Phsycos are gonna win!

Principal Brown hits Frostery with a pie.

Frostery: Hey!

Both tems suddenly stop throwing pies at each other and start hitting Frostery with countless numbers of pies.

Frostery: QUIT IT! You have to complete the challange!

Emily: This IS the challange: see who can throw more pies at you!

Frostery: FINE! Both teams lose. You will both have to pick which two people to vote-off! TONIGHT!

Frostery storms-out the building.

Emily: Uh-oh.

(That night)

Frostery: I hope both you teams will have learned a lesson after this, because this is the point where both teams will merge! Now start voting!

2 minutes later . . .

Frostery: Now I will read the votes.

Another two minutes later.

Frostery: Emily and Clayton, you may exit the stage.

Emily and Clayton: WHAT!?!

Clayton: And who the heck the heck thought it was a good idea to vote me off?

Stace whistles uncomfortably.

Clayton: STACE?! What problems do you have with a guy made out of clay?!

Frostery: Both of you may exit the stadium right now, before I bring out security.

Emily and Clayton leave.

Frostery: Now, all of you my now consider yourselves on your own, because starting now, you teams have been merged!


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