Continuation of I Have GUTS (Episode 5, Season 1).


-Both teams are outside on the camps of The Gladiators.-

Bobert: -whispering to Alan- Now that the teams have merged we have to be careful.

Alan: Why?

Bobert: Because it's every man for himself! Soon the stronger contestants will pick-off the weaker ones! And by that, I mean that Tina is a threat! She'll make everyone vote us off!

Alan: I see. That means that -

Darwin: Hey guys, I over-heard what you said. We need both of you guys to join our alliance!

Alan: Who's it made-up of?

Darwin: Me, Tobias, and Stace. You in?

Bobert: Well, sorry, but -


Bobert: -whispering to Alan- What are you trying to do?

Alan: Don't you see, Bobert? This alliance is the way for us to get into the final five!

Bobert: But what happens when we are in the final five? They'll try voting us-off!

Alan: They will?

Bobert: You remember Survivor Gumball Island, don't you? You got voted-off early in the game because Gumball and his team voted you off!

Alan: Say what you want, Bobert, I'm joining the alliance, whether your going to or not!

-Alan leaves with Darwin to join the alliance leaving Bobert alone.-

-2 hours later.-

Frostery: OK newly merged teams, I hope your ready for your first individual challenge today, because this one involves snakes!

Everyone: WHAT?!

Frostery: Behind me are 14 tubes. Each tubes are made-up of two tubes. One contains a regular, harmeless snake, another contains a poisonous one. Pick the right tube first, and you win immunity. Does anyone wanna back-out?

-Masami, Rachel, Alan, Rocky, Penny, Anais, and Stace raise their hands.-

Frostery: You are all out of this challenge and one of you will be voted-off this night. The rest of you, you may begin . . . NOW!

-Everyone reaches their hand into the tubes.-

Tobias: Wait, what if we get bit by the poisonous snake?

Frostery: There's an antidote on that table and you will lose this challenge.

-Darwin and Principal Brown take the antidote and sit with the rest of the challengers.-

Tobias: Hey, I found it! The harmless snake! I found it!

Frostery: Tobias is the individual winner of this challenge! I hope you contestants find someone to vote-out.

-At the council fire.-

Stace: Tobias, I can't believe you won the challenge!

Tobias: Me neither, but today's challenge was dangerous.

Darwin: I agree. I mean, we're 12 uyear old kids, not snake experts! We could've been killed in today's challenge!

Alan: Nevertheless, I think it's time we vote-off Rachel.

Stace: Rachel? Why?

Alan: It's obvious she isn't doing anything to win these challenges and she just got to this point by sheer luck.

Darwin: You bring-up a fair point, Alan. I think Rachel's time has come.

Stace: Whatabout Tina or Carrie or Masami? They're potential threats, especially Tina.

Alan: Right now, I'm focusing on voting-out the people who made it to this point unfairly. So Rachel HAS to go.

Stace: Oh well, I guess . . .

-At the same time, Rachel and Penny are in a conversation.-

Penny: I heard that they were going to vote you off, Rachel.

Rachel: WHAT?!

Penny: Well, it's obvious. They're talking about it right now.

Rachel: It's that Alan, I think! He's trying to vote me off! We have to get him off this game show, but how?

???: Ahem, perhaps I can be of assistance.

Penny and Rachel: Bobert?!

Bobert: Yes, it's me. Now, hears how we vote Alan off. -whispers to the girls-

Frostery: OK everyone, it's now time to make a desicion. I'll give you two minutes to vote.

-Everyone votes.-

Frostery: Now, I'll read the votes.

-2 minutes later.-

Frostery: My my, this is a suprising conclusion. Darwin, you may leave the stadium.

Darwin: WHAT?!

Frostery: I'll escort you out of the stadium. Everyone else, please go back to camp.


Rachel: -whispering to Tina and Bobert- Why didn't we get rid of Alan? He's the one who convinced the allince to vote me off.

Tina: Don't you see what happened?

Bobert: The alliance only wanted you out because Darwin is a person who agree with any ideas - even Alan's. By voting Darwin off, Alan will lose power amongst the alliance, and they won't target people like you Rachel.

Rachel: Whatabout Tina? She's a potential target now.

Bobert: Leave me to settle this tomorrow.


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