Continuation of I Have GUTS Episode 6.


-Everyone is at the campsite.-

Stace: Now what do we do? Darwin's gone, and now it's just the three of us!

Rocky: Hey guys can you help me open this door?

Tobias: What door?

Rocky: -steps aside- This one!

Alan: Woah! A silver door!!

Stace: Maybe it's a safe of some sort.

Frostery: Oh, that door is no safe, it's just a prize.

All four: A prize?

Frostery: Yep. First tell me who found it.

Rocky: It was ME! I found it!

Frostery: Then open it with this key. -hands Rochy the key- You can have whatevers inside.

-Rocky opens the door-

Rocky: WOW! 600 dollars in hard cash - and two wooden coins?

Frostery: Those aren't any wooden coins Rocky. They're Invincibility Coins. You can use those to keep you safe for two council fire nights! That means you won't get voted-off! Have a nice day!

Alan: Hey Rocky, do you wanna join our alliance?

Rocky: No way! Now that I have 600 dollars and two wooden coin thingies, I'm king of the world!

-Rocky runs around camp in excitement-

Alan: That cheapskake Rocky! We should've gotten those coins!

Stace: Well, to be fiar, he did find that door first.

Alan: WHAT?!? You saying he deserved those coins? He's never done anything in the game - not even saying one sentence - until now!

Tobias: Alan, Stace is right.

Alan: WHAT?!? I cannot BELIEVE you guys!!!

-Alan angrily walks away.-

Stace: I think Alan's the one who caused Darwin to get voted-off. If he hadn't convinced Darwin to vote Rachel out, none of us would've agreed with his idea, and Darwin wouldn't have been voted-off.

Tobias: You seen to care a lot about Darwin, Stace.

Stace: Well, yeah, but -

Frostery: OK, everyone on the green field.

-Everyone moves onto the green field.-

Frostery: Everyone, we're gonna be doing something special. For spring break, everyone will run a race!

Tina: A race? How boring can these challenges get?

Frostery: Do not complain. Now, whoever finishes this race first is the individual winner. On yur mark, get set, GO!

-Everyone runs. Tobias and Tina are both in the lead. Suddenly they come across an obstacle.-

Tobias: A LAKE?!

Frostery: What? You expeced me not to put obstacles in this race?

-By the time Tobias stops complaining, Tina has crossed the finish line.-

Tobias: Oh man, we lost!

Frostery: And that means Tina cannot be voted-off. Time for the council fire!

-At the council fire.-

Stace: Well Tobias, I guess this time, we vote for Alan.

Tobias: I think you right. He is the one who caused all this trouble.


Alan: They're plnning to vote me off! I need some help!


Tina: And why should I help you?

Alan: Because, I'm in the middle of the voting range! Evryone hates me now, and I'm sure they're all gonna vote for me! I need the help of you, Masami, and Rachel to vote-off Stace!

Tina: You mean that stuffed teddy-bear? Sure, I'll help you. On one condition.

Alan: What?

-Tina stomps on Alan, popping him.-

Tina: OK, he's not dead, is he?

Producer: -groan- I'll get the tape and the air pump.

-That night at the council fire.-

Frostery: OK everyone, time to vote!

-Everyone votes.-

Frostery: OK, now I will read the votes.

-Two minutes later.-

Frostery: Alan, you may leave the stadium.

Alan: WHAT?! But Tina, you -

Tina: Did you really think I was gonna help you? Go and leave now, pinhead!

Frostery: Alan, go leave the stadium. This concludes the seventh episode of I Have GUTS. Good Night.


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