Continuation of episode seven.


-Everyone is sitting around the campfire. No one is talking.-

Frostery: Well, this has been an eerie night. Oh well. I just came by to tell you that your next challenge will be a game of pong.

Tobias: What, you mean the video game no one plays anymore?

Frostery: Oh this is no ordinary game of pong, you'll see.

-Later that night.-

Stace: Tobias, you might wanna take a look at this.

-Tobias wakes-up to find five immunity coins in Stace's hand.

Tobias: Holy moly! How did you find these?

Rocky: I bought them for you. Only that you have to promise never to try to vote me off.

Tobias: Umm, Stace, I don't think this is a promise we can keep.

Stace: -whispering- I'll take care of it later.

-Suddenly the sun comes in as Frostery arrives.-

Frostery: Hello contestants. Ready for a game of pong.

-Nobody says anything.-

Frostery: Well, those pong tables behind me are tables you will use to play a one-on-one game of pong. Loser joins the other losers - one of them will get voted off afterwards. The winners win immortality - for a day, that is. Ok, get paired-up at a table.

-Two minutes later.-

Frostery: Ok, everyone start playing.

Tobias -to Mr. Small-: I'm gonna crush you at this game.

-Mr. Small jerks the controller joystick and wins.

Tobias: What?!


Rachel: Umm, and how exactly does this thing work?

Frostery: Doesn't matter now, Masami beat you.

-In two minutes everyone but Penny, Bobert, Tina, Masami, and Anais are in the loser pile.-

Frostery: Ok, everyone in the losing side, I guess one of you are going to leave. Might as well start deciding now.

-At the loser pile.-

Stace: I say we vote out Rocky.

Tobias: What, but he has those immunity coins!

Stace: Oh, I hid them from him. He'll never find them.

Tobias: Stace, your a genius. But what about the others?

Stace: Don't worry, Bobert did the rest. He is now in our alliance.

-At the tribal council.-

Frostery: Ok, I'll give you two minutes to vote.

-Two minutes later.-

Frostery: Ok, and the next one out I Have GUTS is . . . Stace?

Stace: What? But I - I . . .

Bobert and Rocky: Looks like you got double-crossed.

Stace: I wanna use my immunity coins!

Bobert: Too late. You've already been voted out and those are fakes.

Stace: But . . .

Frostery: Now now Stace, time to get leaving. As for the rest of you - have a good night.

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