My Oc Fire-ice
Friends: Gumball, Scar, Penny, Darwin
Enemies: Shadow Wolf and Dark-Shadow
Aliases: Icy
Residence: Alkmer

Icy-Fire is yet another shadow creature, he will be seen in Alkmer's Comeback. Also unlike most of the other shadow creatures Icy fights against his creator, Dark-Shadow.


Unlike most shadow creatures Icy is loyal to Alkmer and not Dark-Shadow. During his early childhood Dark-Shadow would use him to hunt things and or kill people. But during one mission where Icy was hunting a bear, the bear slashed at Icys face giving him those three scars. But soon the ACU found him and took care of him.


Icy is a shadow like no other. For starters he has multiple colors on him purple, grey, brown, black, and red. He also has purple teeth and red eyes. Also like Dark-Shadow and Shadow wolf his eyes alow him to see in the dark.


  • He can see in the dark
  • His teeth can rip through anything
  • His tail (when it has enough power) allows him to cause earthquakes

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