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By yours truley, 21:19, January 17, 2013 (UTC)


Gumball: Hey guys! It's me,Gumball and I wan't to say something. I'm here with Sullvan and Mirranda.

Mirranda: Hey.

Sullvan: Yo.

G: So basicly,we just wanna say, tommorow's Agentpman1's birthday and um yeah..

(Sullvan and Mirranda are playing street fighter.)

M: Ok,man. Here comes. Wait for it....wait for it.......NOW! 

S: Woah!!! I'm rocking this!

G: Aren't you suppose to be destroying the town right about now?

S: Aren't you and your friends suppose to be effected?

G: I still am. See? (Changes to yellow.)

S: Well to me, this isn't ganon.

G: There ya go! So basicly, we are going to make a birthday special tommorow!

S: Oh man! im dead!

M: See? You can punch to the left.

S: Meh....swag......

(Game ends and a digital form of Fireball appears.)

Fireball: Would you like to play again? To bad.....

G: Hmm... so anyway were going to make it PG rated so there won't be any violance,no cursing,and I PROMISE no scary pop-ups.

(F-Ball 1000 barges in.)

F-Ball 3000: Crush,Kill,Destroy,Swag.

G: AAAAHHHH!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

(F-Ball 3000 shots lazer.)

G: alright?

S: Hehe....swag.....

(turns static and Parody Sullvan's WHILE I EAT YOUR BRAINS face appears.)


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