Gumball sat alone in the hallway for the rest of lunch. He was still conflicted about his sudden feelings for Carrie. Darwin walked out of the door along with the masses of people who were leaving lunch as the bell rang. Darwin stood in front of Gumball.

"Gumball, something is bothering you and I feed to help you overcome that thing." He helped a weak Gumball get-up.

"Common, let's talk about it at home."

Darwin and Gumball never got to talk. As soon as they reached the bus stop, Gumball ran away. To him, this wasn't something your could just talk about and expect it to be fixed. Gumball ran back to the school to deal with his problem. Avoiding Miss Simian, who now guarded the school after the day ended, Gumball entered the boys restroom. But it wasn't the boys restroom.

"What are you doing here Gumball?" asked a suprised Carrie as Gumball entered what he thought was the boys restroom.

Gumball's face went bright red.

Not bad for two chapters, eh? Now just to relieve certain people of their worries, no here is no s-- in this story. Just a warning guys.

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