After claiming that she can "Whip Tina's Big Ass", Aguilera is challenged by Tina to do something Hardcore and decides to eat an entire bowl of Jalapeños!


(Video begins in Aguilera's house in her Kitchen)

Aguilera: Hi Internet, it's me Aguilera.

Aguilera: You know, there's a bully at my school named Tina Rex, she's a girl but she sounds like a guy for some reason!

Aguilera: Anyways,

Aguilera: Yesterday, she told me that the Cheerleaders are weak, stupid and shameful excuse for a team.

Aguilera: She also said that I'm the most scrawny little sucker that she has ever met!

Aguilera: Second to Gumball, according to her.

(Shouting) Aguilera: So, I told her that I could totally whip her big ass!

Aguilera: So she challenged me to do what I like and post it on the internet, though It had to be Hardcore by her standards,

Aguilera: And because of this, I told her I'd eat a whole bowl of Jalapeños!

Aguilera: So now, this is the moment you have all been waiting for, I'm going to eat a whole bowl of extremely hot Jalapeños!

Aguilera: Alright, here we go...

(Aguilera takes a big bowl of hot Jalapenos and pours it into her mouth)

(Shouting) Aguilera: OH GOD!!! IT'S HOT!!!

(Aguilera runs around in the Kitchen aimlessly because of the heat)

Aguilera: IT BURNS!

Aguilera: OH GOD!

Aguilera: D'OH!

(Aguilera runs over to her fridge and takes a bottle of water and drinks nearly the entire bottle, Aguilera is then seen breathing loudly)

Aguilera: Does that make you satisfied Tina?


Aguilera: I hope it does!

(Shouting) Aguilera: I HOPE YOU ALL ARE SATISFIED!

Aguilera: And don't forget to fave, like and share...

Aguilera: ...With all your stupid Friends on Fessebook, Ritter AND RUMBLR!!!!

(Fireball is in Aguilera's room watching the video with her)

Fireball: (Sigh) What People do for fame...

Aguilera: Fame is Pain...

(3000k Views!, Viral Video of the Week)

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