"Get ready of the hell of it!" ~ Jill, talking to Gumball Watterson

She's a character that made a debut in The Revenge of the Bad

Jill Valentine






39 (Season 1 and 2) 40 (Season 3)



Also Known as:

Director Valentine


Chris (husband/boyfriend), Gumball, Darwin, Yarnball, Piers, Josh (ex-boyfriend), MeeMee, AiAi, Sherry, Jake, Fireball, Aguilera, Penny, Natalya, Trish


Wesker, Dinky, Hot Dog, Sullvan, Crypto


The Revenge of the Bad

Episode Appearences

  1. The Revenge of the Bad
  2. The Breakup
  3. Elmore's Got Talent!
  4. Elmore's Got Talent (Episode 2)
  5. The Vegas
  6. The Dog Invasion
  7. The Prom (CandyAnaisWatterson777)
  8. The Drug
  9. The Summer
  10. The Minecraft
  11. Day in the beach
  12. The Gallery
  13. The Disappearence
  14. Christmas (Cameo)
  15. The Flakers (Cameo)
  16. The Limit (Cameo)
  17. The Tape
  18. The Finale (Cameo)
  19. The Gripes
  20. The Mothers (Cameo)
  21. The Shell (Cameo)
  22. The Law (Cameo)
  23. The Bros
  24. The Lie
  25. The Countdown (Cameo)
  26. The Oracle (Cameo)
  27. The Triangle (Cameo)
  28. The Money (Cameo)
  29. The Parking (Cameo)
  30. The Routine (Cameo)
  31. The Uploads (Cameo)
  32. The Signal (Cameo)
  33. The Nest (Cameo)


Her appearance based on Resident Evil 5, but she got a new appearance on Elmore's Got Talent!.

In "Gumball Final Fantasy", her appearance is based on Resident Evil Revelations. Her weapon is a rocket launcher.

Relationships and Friendships

Gumball Watterson

They're about crazy. In The Revenge of The Bad, Gumball tried to get the device off of her, but that didn't work.

Darwin Watterson


Anais Watterson


Chris Redfield





  • She got controlled by a person (see The Revenge of the Bad).
  • Jill's favorite song is "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit. Ben stated that the reason she like this song because it's feels so special to her, especillay to Chris. In Season 3, her favorite is I'm Your Baby Tonight.
  • She loves Chris in The Vegas and Elmore's Got Talent!.
  • She is a skilled piano player, shown in Elmore's Got Talent!.
  • She was pregnant in The Prom (CandyAnaisWatterson777).
  • Ben stated she's a Special Director Unit.
  • According to The Simpsons' episode, "Please Homer, Don't Hammer Em'", Jill is allergic to shrimp just like Bart.
  • In "Gumball Final Fantasy", she's is 41 years old and very smart to kill emenies.
  • In The Sleepwalker, her night clothes is her pink robe.
  • She sleepwalks and also talks on her sleep. However, she got injuried in The Sleepwalkers.
  • She Hates The three dogs, but she hates Hot Dog the least.


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