This fanfiction saga is no longer running.
The creator has either quit or given up this fanfiction saga and is up for adoption. If you wish to adopt and continue the fanfiction yourself, you can personally ask an admin on their talk page. Click here for a list of admins.
Jobless Richard
Length Unfinished (on adoption) Parts
Creator FanFStory (former)
Summary Richard is forced to get a job.
Previous Part None
Next Part 'Jobless Richard Part 2'
Date of Creation December 11, 2011

March 12, 5:00 P.M

Richard is sleeping on the sofa when Nicole wakes him up.

Richard: Ur... agggh...? Huh?

~Richard sees Nicole's face staring at him~

Richard: Oh! Ummm... Nicole, honey! What... what are you doing?
Nicole: I'll tell you what you're doing.

~Nicole points her finger at the door~

Nicole: You are going to get a job now.

~Both of them look at each other silently~

Richard: Phhhhh... Pthhhhh...

~Richard laughs~

Richard: Ahhhahaha... hahaha... ha...

~Richard stops laughing~

Nicole: Richard. You better get a job when I come back or I throw away the cape.
Richard: What!?

~Richard stands up on the sofa~

Richard: Oh look! I have to go to work! ...Bye honey.

~Richard dashes out of the door~

March 12, 6:45 P.M

-Richard finally stops at a small diner-

Richard: Ohhhh...I'm getting hungry. (He ate 3 minutes ago) I need to eat.

-Richard opens the diner door and a sign smacks him in his face-

Richard: What the-

-Richard noticed what the sign said-

Richard: Oooo! Job Wanted!

-Richard walks up to the front desk-

Richard: Hellooooo there miss, whats your name?

-The lady shows Richard her card-

Richard:...Shanin (SHA-nin) Listra? Interesting name.

Shanin: Sir, if you want the job...

-Richard shushs her-

Richard: Now waaaaaait...I never said anything about thaaaa...

Richard: Okay, yes I want the job.

-Shanin rolls her eyes-

Shanin: Okay sir, follow me, you have to prove your worth.

Richards mind: "Prove my worth?" Ouch, that was mean. But I'll do this for you, NICOLE!

-Shanin and Richard dissapear inside a room-

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