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This is a cancelled fanfiction series. Leave a message on an admin's talk page if you want to continue it.

March 12, 7:00 P.M

Shanin: Okay...

-Shanin checks Richards name tag- (Which Shanin MADE him wear.)

Shanin: ...Mr.Watterson, are you ready?

-Richard looks with confusion-

Richard: Ready? Ready for wha-

-Shanin blows a whistle-

Shanin: WRONG! Do it again!

Richard: Well I don't KNOW what to do!

-Shanin blows her whistle again-

Shanin: AGAIN! We could do this ALL night if you want that job.

Richard: ...Fiiiinnnneee...Im ready.

-Shanin blows her whistle-

Shanin: Perfect! You passed!

-Richard looks with even more confusion-

Richard: Wait...what?

Shanin: This job is all about being ready!

-Shanin gives Richard a small pot-

Shanin: Now your cooking test.

Richard: But, im not goo-

Shanin: No time for an excuse...

-Shanin blows her whistle*


-Richard looks around the room-

Richard: Ohhh!

-Richard notices a small oven and some bowls of food-

Richard: Gotta hurry!

-Richard pours the bowls of food in the pot and stuffs the pot in the oven-

Richard: Come on, come on, come on!

-The oven dings-

Richard: Yes!

-Richard takes the pot out of the oven and sends it to Shanin*

Richard: Here, fresh out of the...OW! ...Oven!

-Shanin looks at the pot and opens the lid-

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