Darwin's fake truth

Karly Rainbow: What she really is




Part No.

Part Three




Continuation of The Accident.

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The Accident

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Guilty of Murder

Darwin eyed at Karly. What was this accident, and did it envolve him and his family? Darwin really hoped not. Karly isn't talking about the murder, is she? He wondered what she meant by "Accident". Darwin could probably ask her. Not like she'll listen. "Hey Karly?" Darwin says to her. Karly looked at him with a surprised look. Why was she so surprised? Darwin continued. "I was meaning to ask you sooner, but this is also a good time." Karly just looked at him. So far, so good. "W-w-what was this accident...this accident a-a-about?" he stutters out. Oh dang, he's losing it. Or maybe not. Karly looked at him with bewildered eyes. "Y-y-you should know...after w-w-was you who was affected..." Karly says in a hushed voice. She said something! Something...wait...! Darwin looks at her with a look of worry. "You mean...?" Darwin could barly say. "Yes...I-i-it was me..." Karly says in a small voice. "...I was the one who did it...!"

Darwin was shocked. Karly, a killer?! She couldn't be. It wasnt true. Darwin shook his head. No. She must have lied to him so she can protect someone.

But...the question is...who?

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