Katharine Darrel
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Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Cat
Friends: Jasper
Gumball (somehow)
Cobby (somehow)
Mabel (somehow)
Darwin (somehow), Rayona(somehow)
Enemies: Nuttels
Miss Simian
Principal Brown
Gumball (somehow)
Cobby (somehow)
Mabel (somehow)
Darwin (somehow), Rayona(somehow)
Relatives: Ashley Darrel (Mother)

Cameron Darrel (Father)
Nathalie Darrel (Younger Sister)
Nicole Watterson (Second Aunt)
Gumball, Purriana, Rayona, Darwin, Anais, Fireball (Second Cousins)
Richard Watterson (Second Uncle)

Debut: The New Girl

Katharine Jane Darrel or simply Kathy is a 16 years old cat and a cousin of of Gumball, Anais and Darwin. She appeared in "The New Girl".


Katharine is a bright pink cat with a slender figure, brownish tiger-like markings o her fur, long curly auburn hair and light teal eyes with teal slit pupils. Her normal attire consists of a pink top with huge white dots and short black sleeves, fucsia leggings and no shoes.


Gumball pointed that Katharine, despite being a good person at heart, is a huge oddball with a rather... interesting judge of character. She is very sweet, loyal and friendly, but is also sensitive, literal-minded and sees the world differently.


Catrin, Jasper and Juni

Kathy loves them more than anything and their presence pleases her. In return, Catrin, Jasper and Juni take care of them how they can.

The Watterson siblings

Katharine loves her second cousins. They occasionally spend their time playing Dodge-or-Dare and Video Games. Gumball and her have a rather good friendship and Gumball always treat Katharine as if she were his sister. Sometimes, Katharine can be mean toward them and she believes that if they scold them for that they hate her. Despite this, she's very loyal and manage to reconcile rather quickly.


  • She has a Chilopodophobia, a strong and intense fear of Millipedes and Centipedes. Whenever Katharine sees a Centipede or a Millipede, she faints and her eyes turn gray.
  • Her favorite food is ramen noodles.
  • She is a rather good drawer, but she only draws when she's bored or angry.

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