Is one list.

Season 1

The Tipper

Gumball parodies to sham that I make this one ill and uses Anais as tipper.

The Saleswoman

Gumball know Clowny.

The Knife

Darwin relative to find knife and to murder Leslie.

The Street

One street of Elmore dead.

The Wattersons

The Wattersons history life know.

The Wikia

Gumball save one treasure of one wikia.

The Role

Nicole shops role.

The Shirt

Anais shops a turkey and one shirt.

The Guy

  • Know that Hot Dog is a guy.

The Losses

Gumball losses objects.

The Butt

The Dr.Butt kills.

The Week

  • Dinky Dog travel to one city in 7 days. (1 week).

The Chin

Sussie loses a pencilcase.

The Ericsons part 1º

The Ericson history know.

The Ericsons part 2º

The family of The Ericsons know.

The Gumball's room

The room of Gumball dead.

The Human

Jonh history know.

The Yearbook

The Yearbook's photos of the school know.

The Some

Gumball he forgets the meaning of the word some.

The Skullkid

Clayton story know.

The buildingboy

One building of Elmore has life.

The Antonio

Antonio history know.

The Seat

The seatbaby of Anais of Watterson cars kills.

The Gumball

Gumball story knows.

The Oasis

One oasis appear in Elmore.

The Lincom

Gumball reads a story relaccionships with Lincom.

The Warrions

Gumball has a book of warrions stories.

The Police

Policeman kills.

The Cup

Gumball winner cup.

The Watterson's car

Watterson'car has a accident.

The Gumball

Gumball has a solitary adventure.

The Two

Gumball has a two objects.

The Major girl

Anais is major girl of Elmore

Season 2

The Swash


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