This is the list of deaths.

Sullvan Dog

He is the first character to die. Stoneage kills him by a pointy rock chopping his brain off. And a heavy rock crushing him. This made Stoneage the most hated character.

Last Quotes: See ya!

Episode: The Rock.

Fireball Watterson/Parody Fireball

Darwin kills Fireball for coming in his shed.

Last Quotes: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Skylar Peterson/Parody Skylar

In an Ask Anias clip, a nyan Gumball goes straght through her head. 

Last Quotes: Wait, What? 

Episode: Ask Anias Episode 5.

Parody Sullvan

While in an mental hospital, His original form in anger crushes him by rolling a giant ball of the intire Elmore.

Last Quotes: (Gulp.) Hehehe. HHeeyy BBBlue gguy.. Um.... Ssstay outta my,my Shed?.. Hehehe. (Nervoisly.)

Episode: The Break-Up.

Max Dog

Giant Dark Gumball steps on him.

Last Quotes: (Gulp.)

Episode: Sullvan.MOV

Daisy Watterson

Same with Max.

Last Quotes: Guys, were you guys going?


Felix Dog

People comlpain and Felix's head explodes in anger.

Last Quotes: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ (In anger.)

Episode: The Bepop.

King Sullvan

Head get's eaten of by Giant Dark Gumball.

Last Quotes: AHHH!!!! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!!!!!!!

Episode: The Living.

Trevor the Torturer

Gets pulled in half by an opening elevator.

Last Quotes: Ah Crap!!!!

Episode: The Gumball and Chowder crossover.

Darwin Watterson

In an Deleted Scene, Sullvan shoots Fireworks at him with an FireWork Blaster.

Last Quotes: Uh Oh.

Episode: The Fireball Adventure.


Trevor said a bad word but Sullvan never attacked. Possibly because Sullvan is Dead.

Daisy's and Sullvan's deaths were the saddest.

Darwin's death is the silliest death according to comments on YouTube.

Sullvan's and King Sullvan are the only ones that made final speaking roles in another episode.

Sullvan's last words: The Bottle.

King' last words: The Sky.

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