Continuation of Lost.


Gumball, Darwin, and Anais walk-out of the comic store with two bags full of comics.

Gumball: See? I told you everything would be - where's the van?

Anais: Oh no I told you we shouldn't have left Gumball! Now we're lost and mom and dad don't know where we are!

Gumball: Don't worry. Wattersons always find a way out of trouble. Now, does anyone have a map?

Anais groans.

Meanwhile Nicole and Richard are at the police department.

Police Officer: Ok, how do your children look like?

Nicole: Well, one is a small pink-colored rabbit with an orange dress, another is an orange fish with legs, arms and green shoes, and another one is a blue cat with a tanish sweater and grey pants.

Police Officer: Ok Miss Watterson. We'll do everything we can to find your missing children. We'll inform you in case we find them.

Richard: Well, I guess we can go home knowing that the police will surely find our missing children.

Richard begins to walk-out the door.

Nicole: Oh no Richard! We're staying here until we find our children.

Richard: Aw but what will I eat?

Nicole: I still have some Subway sanwiches we bought.

Richard: Where will I sleep?

Nicole: We have two inflatble bed rolls that we can use in the van. So as you can see, we're fully prepared to find our children.

Richard: Aww.

Meanwhile Gumball, Darwin, and Anais are at the market district, looking at a map of the city.

Anais: Let's see, the Airport is approximately 2 miles north.

Gumball: Well that's not a problem, we could just walk over there.

Anais: You are aware that we'll have to swim across a lake to get there, right?

Gumball: Oh. Yeah, we have a problem.

???: Ye looking for a ride across ye lake?

Gumball: Oh, yeah! Who are you exactly?

???: I am the wee-old Captian Costinall - conqueror of the seven seas! I'll get you across ye lake.

Anais: Gumball, I don't think we should trust him. He's a stranger.

Darwin: I think she's right Gumball. Remeber - "stranger danger!"

Gumball: Oh that's just a myth to get you scared. We'll tke-up your offer Captain Constinall!

Officer: Ye won't be disappointed!


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