Continuation of Lost Part 2.


A ship has gone shipwrecked in the middle of the lake.

Anais: I knew this wasn't a good idea.

Gumball: Don't shove it in my face.

Darwin: Well, it is your fault.

Gumball: It's not my fault. Don't you remeber?

20 Minutes Earlier . . .

Gumball, Darwin, and Anais uncomfortably walk on the ship.

Captain Costinall: Isn't she a beauty?

Gumball: Um, why is the floor covered in water?

Darwin: And why is the front have of the ship missing?

Anais: And why is the motor engine on fire?

Captain Costinall: It's not on fire.

Costinall sees the motor.

Captain Costinall: Oh, it is on fire. FIRE!!!!

Captain Costinall grabs a nearby bucket and fills it from water on the ground of the ship.

Anais: Wait!

Unfortunetly, Anais is too late and sooner or later, the boat is on fire.


Gumball, Darwin, and Anais grab a plank and float adrift.

Captain Costinall: -shouting- WAIT!!! WHAT ABOUT ME?!

Gumball: Hey, we gotta help him!

Anais: Gumball, it's too late - look!

A wooden beam on fire falls on the Captain, instantly killing him.

Gumball: I can't believe it! We're stuck at sea, we have no one to protect us - and I'm hungry!!!

Gumball starts crying.

Flash-back ends.

Meanwhile, at the Police Department . . .

Nicole: Richard, who ate the food?

Richard: Not me, no! -laughs- OK I did.

Nicole: Well, you wasted our food. Now we'll have to buy some more.

Richard: Fine, I'll go!

Nicole: Ohhhh no, Richard. Since you ate all the food, you have to stay here until the police find our children.

Richard: But I'm soo hungry!!

Nicole: Then why'd you eat all the food? -slams the door-

Richard: Awww . . .


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