Gumball, Fireball, MeeMee, and Darwin get lost in a forest

Fan Fiction

Part 2 begins with Fireball, MeeMee, Gumball, and Darwin who are down in the sea

Fireball: First, we got stranded on an Island!

Fireball: Now!!

Fireball and MeeMee: WE ARE LOST AT SEA!!!!!!!!! (With Angered and Loud Voice)

Gumball: Take it easy, Fireball and MeeMee!

Fireball: Take it easy!!?!!?

Fireball: NO!!!! We totally doomed now!

Fireball: There is no! Way out of this ssitaution!!

Fireball: Soon! We're gonna get eaten by sharks or a whale!

Darwin: Hey look! There's an island in the distance! there!

Gumball: Darwin, isn't that just the same island?

Darwin: No, this forest looks like conifers forest!

Darwin: Let's swim over to it!

Then Fireball, MeeMee, Gumball and Darwin swim over to the island

Fireball, MeeMee, Gumball and Darwin reach the coast

MeeMee: Wow! (Got out her camera and takes a picture) At least, My camera lucky survive!

Fireball: I don't know, guys..

Fireball: It looks like a forest.

Fireball: That we can easily get lost in!

Gumball: Come on, Fireball, don't be a scaredy cat!

Then Gumball, MeeMee, Fireball, and Darwin walks into the forest..

Fireball: Gumball?

Fireball: Are you even sure which way we are going?

Fireball: Or do you even know where we are?

Gumball: Nope.

MeeMee: I don't know.

Gumball: But I think we're going the right way

Darwin: Fireball, do you know where we are?

Fireball: Hmm..

Fireball: I don't have an idea.

Fireball: But I definitely think we are still in America.

Fireball: Or Canada?

Fireball: Or maybe even Scandinavia?

Darwin: Is it just me or does the forest just get darker and darker?

Gumball: Nah. You just need glasses.

Fireball: Gumball..

Gumball: What? It could be true..

Then Gumball stops walking

Gumball: Okay I think we should take a break now!

Fireball: I think so too!

Then Darwin, MeeMee, Gumball, and Fireball sit up against a tree

Darwin: Fireball?

Fireball: What?

Darwin: Are there any bears in this area?

Fireball: Of course not silly!

MeeMee: Yeah!

Then a loud bear roar is heard

Darwin: Then what was that?!

Fireball: We're just mental scared right now guys!

Fireball: Many things can h-h-happen when you're mental scared!!

Fireball: You can hear things see things and...

Then Fireball faints

Gumball, MeeMee, and Darwin: FIREBALL!

Gumball: Fireball wake up!

MeeMee: Okay.(Take out her camera and takes a picture)

Darwin: Are you okay?!

Fireball: Sorry I'm just a little sick..

Then Fireball gets up

Fireball: Man I've never been so tired like I am now..

Darwin: We should've justn stayed home..

Gumball: Yeah we should've never have tried to fly around the world.

Then there is heard a growling sound

Fireball: What was that?!?!

Darwin: It's my stomach.

Fireball: Do you have a stomach?

Meanwhile at the Wattersons house.

Nicole is walking around the house

Nicole: Fireball! Gumball! MeeMee!

Nicole: Darwin! Where are you!!

Nicole: Oh where are they? I havnt seen them in hours!

Then Aguilera, Bobert, and Penny walk past the house and notices Nicole

Penny: Mrs. Watterson! What are you doing?

Nicole: Trying to find Gumball, MeeMee, Fireball, and Darwin!

Nicole: I haven't seen them since this morning!

Nicole: And what are those bags you're carrying around?

Nicole notices that Penny and Aguilera are holding some shopping bags and Bobert is steal Gumball's life

Aguilera: It's shopping bags, We have been out shopping!

Bobert: And I been stealing Gumball's life!

Nicole gets a confused look on her face

Aguilera: I mean..go out and buy things.. like fashion and stuff..use money?

Nicole: I never shopped with my friends when I was a child..

Aguilera: Oh that's sad to hear..

Penny: Shall we go out and Find Gumball, MeeMee, Fireball, and Darwin?

Nicole: Yeah, That's fine..

Penny and Aguilera: Okay!

Aguilera: Let's get Crypto!

Then Penny, Bobert, and Aguilera run off to find Gumball, MeeMee, Fireball, and Darwin

Nicole: (Sigh) It must be great to be wealthy..

Aguilera's voice from distance: Yeah! You should try it!

Nicole: (Sigh)

Meanwhile in the forest where Gumball, MeeMee, Fireball, and Darwin are sitting up against a tree while its raining

Gumball looks at Fireball

Gumball: A dollar for your thoughts..

Fireball: We are going to die out here..

Gumball: That's the worst dollar i've ever spent.

Fireball: I can't believe it!

Fireball: Now I'm never going to be married to Aguilera!

Fireball: Or get children!

Fireball: Or a job!!

Fireball: I'm just gonna die out here in the wilderness!

Gumball: Come on! You're in the early teens!

Gumball: Aguilera would probably break up with you soon..

Then Fireball pushes Gumball down on the ground

Fireball: Yeah! Well good luck impressing Penny with your scrawny body!

Gumball: Oh YOU!

Then Fireball and Gumball begin to argue

Darwin and MeeMee is looking at them terrified

Darwin and MeeMee: STOOOOOOOOOP!

Then Fireball and Gumball stop aarguing and looks at Darwin and MeeMee

Darwin: You two! Should stop arguing and love each other like brothers do!

After an akward silence, Gumball and Fireball begins arguing again

Darwin: Gosh! This is hopeless!

Next morning....

Gumball, MeeMee, and Darwin are sleeping on the ground

Fireball: Guys! guys! wake up!!

Gumball: What what..

Fireball: I found the way out of the forest!

Darwin: Really?! Let us see!

Then Fireball, MeeMee, Darwin and Gumball run off to the next place

Fireball: And on the other side, there is!

Fireball, MeeMee, Gumball, and Darwin reach the edge of a cliff and a view shows that there's another forest ahead

Darwin: More forest?!

MeeMee: Yeah!(Takes out her and took a picture)

After an akward silence, Fireball gets really mad!



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