Gumball, MeeMee, Fireball, and Darwin Enters Penny and Aguilera

Fan Fiction

Part 3 Begins with Gumball, MeeMee, Fireball, And Darwin Walkin in the New Forest they Encounted

Fireball: Oh Darn it! Just as I thought we've Found the way Out of the forest!

Fireball: We just finds more Forest!

Fireball: This is Hopeless!

Fireball Sits down on the Ground

Fireball: Let's Just Give up now! There's Nothing we can Do.

Meanwhile Aguilera is Flying around the Forest area while Penny is sittin on her Back

Penny: Can you see them Aguilera!

Aguilera: No,...Maybe

Then Aguilera Wings Slightly Begins to Dissappear

Aguilera: Oh Crap! I'm Soon out of Flying Time!

Penny: Huh?!

Aguilera: We're Gonna be Crashing Down!!

Then Aguilera's Wings Dissappears

Penny And Aguilera Falls down

Meanwhile down on the Ground..

Fireball: Just Someone could Rescue us!!!

MeeMee: Yeah!

Then Penny and Aguilera Hits the Ground

Penny: Aw..

Fireball: AGUILERA!!!

Then Fireball Runs over to Aguilera

Fireball: You Came with Penny To Rescue us!

Aguilera:No..We Just came to Join You. By the way, Bobert will come sonner or later.

Fireball: *Groan*

Darwin: Wow.. You are really great Rescue team. (sarcastic)

Fireball Helps Penny and Aguilera Up

Gumball: Well, shall we Continue?

MeeMee: Yes.

Fireball: Yup.

Then the gang starts walkin again

Gumball accidently goes into a Spider web and a Spider Crawls out on his Face

MeeMee: Cool.(Takes out her camera and took a picture)

Gumball: What?

Spider: Hisss!


Gumball starts to desperatly Running around

Gumball: GET IT OFF ME!!!! GET IT OFF ME!!!!

Aguilera: Let me help!

Aguilera Rises Rainbow bat and Knocks Off the Spider on Gumball while she also hits him hard

Gumball: AW!

Gumball: You gave me a Big Lump on my Forehead!

Aguilera: At least I Got the Spider Away!

Fireball: Ha! Gumball you screamed like a Little Girl!

Fireball: And I Got it all on Video!

MeeMee: And on Camera!

Shows randomly a Video camera In his Hand

Gumball: What!? You did?!

Gumball: Give me that Camera!

Gumball Begins Chasing Fireball while MeeMee taking picture with her camera

Gumball Jumps on Fireball and Fireball Loses the Camera and it breaks when it Hits a Tree

Fireball: Oh man!

Fireball: I Could have made a Video where I Said we where Lost in the forest and the people who was watchin the Video could have sended a Rescue Team out to save us!

Gumball: Nooooooooooo!!!


Gumball, MeeMee, Fireball, Darwin, Aguilera, and Penny are Still walking in the Forest

Fireball: Look!

Fireball: There's the Exit!

Darwin: Are you sure?

Penny: Let's check it out

The Gang runs over to the Exit and towards them There's a Big field

Aguilera: Yay! A field!

Fireball: Seriously! Here can we Just get more Lost!

The Gang Walks into the Field's Tall Grass

Penny: Is there anyone Living here around here?

Fireball: I Have No Idea.

Fireball: I Just think it's better that we Continues Walking!

And they Walked and Walked and Walked Until they Reached the end of the Tall Grass

Fireball: Hm.. It Looks like it soon will turn Dark..

Gumball's Stomach growls

Gumball: Oh! I Haven't eat the Hold day!

Later, Fireball, MeeMee, Gumball, Darwin, and Penny is sitting around a Small Bonfire

Then Aguilera comes Holdin some Sheets

Aguilera: Hey Guys!

Aguilera: I Made some Sheets!

Penny: Great! That are they Made of?

Aguilera: You don't wanna Know..

When Aguilera takes the next Step she Twistes her Ankle

Aguilera Falls over and MeeMee took a picture of it

Aguilera: OH GOD!!! OH GOD!! It Hurts!!!!!

Fireball Runs Desperatly over to Aguilera

Fireball: Aguilera!! Whats Wrong?!

Fireball: Are you okay?!

Aguilera: NO! I Twisted My Ankle!

Darwin and MeeMee Runs over to Aguilera

Darwin: Let me help you!

Fireball: No I Will!

MeeMee: I Will!!!

Darwin: No!

Aguilera: Hello!

Fireball: Okay! Let's make this up!

Fireball: Exhaling Contest!

Fireball: 3,2,1 GO!

Darwin, MeeMee, and Fireball begins to Exhale

Aguilera: Whaat?

Fireball and MeeMee Breathes

Darwin: Ha! You Lost!

Fireball: CHEATER! You breath through your Gills

Darwin: Okay..

Darwin: Staring contest!

Darwin, MeeMee, And Fireball begins to Stare at each other

Darwin Takes a Laser pen and Moves it all over Fireball and MeeMee

Fireball and MeeMee: Hey No Laser Pens!

Darwin: Street Rules man!

Gumball: Okay Guys! stop fighting over Aguilera!

Darwin: Think of a Number!

Gumball: No! Not now!

Fireball: 3!

Gumball: How did you know!?

Gumball: Never mind!

Gumball: I Think we should Decide this with a Traditionally Rock-Paper-Scissors!

Darwin, MeeMee, and Fireball: Okay!

Darwin, MeeMee, and Fireball: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!

Fireball Chooses Scissors

MeeMee Chooses Paper

Darwin Chooses Rock So Darwin and MeeMee Wins

Darwin and MeeMee: Yes! I Won!

Fireball: Noooo!

MeeMee: Yes!!

Darwin: Come here Aguilera! let me Save you!

Aguilera: Guys! I think it's So Immature that you three are Fightning over me!

Fireball: Darwin and MeeMee started!

Darwin and MeeMee: No! He did!

Then Fireball, MeeMee, and Darwin begins to fight again

Aguilera: Stop it!

Fireball, MeeMee, and Darwin stops Fighting

Aguilera: (Sigh) Penny would you like to Help me?

Penny: Okay.

Penny Comes over to Aguilera and Helps her Up


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