Fan Fiction

(Part 4 Starts with Fireball and Bobert walking out the hotel)

Gumball: Well, Did you tell one?!

Fireball: Yeah...

Fireball: But then, He punch me and tell at the person!

(Everyone staring at Bobert)

Darwin: You can't hurt anyone like that!

(Scene cuts to everyone sitting up at the tree while its raining)

MeeMee: Here your Magic Oil...

Gumball: Now we never ever going to get back home.

Bobert: Come on....

Gumball: Well, you can't fight me now!

(Then Bobert push Gumball on the ground)

Bobert: We better get out of here before I kill you!

(Then the two of them begin to argure)

Darwin: I got to stop this!

MeeMee: Why you always fight each other?

Gumball: Beacuse I the real one!

Gumball: He locked me out of the house and I got injured!

Gumball: So, we agree!

Bobert: But, I change my mind!

Gumball: You did what?!?! (Angry)

(Gumball's Claws Appears and he begins to scratch Bobert all over his face, While Bobert is smacking him with his hands.)

Fireball: STOP IT!!!

(Gumball and Bobert stare at Fireball)

Fireball: Why can't you be friends!

Fireball: And you always fighting each other! Day and Night!

Fireball: You need to help each other!

(Akward Silence)

Bobert: Who's care!

(Then, Gumball and Bobert continues fighting)

Fireball: They at the living Hell....

The next morning...

(Everyone wakes up)

Darwin: Gumball, are you okay?

Gumball: Hell, yeah! I got slap by him a million times!

Bobert: I only slap you 50 Times!

Fireball: All right, we could hike through mountains!

Darwin: Good idea!

(Then, the gang walks at the first mountain.)

Fireball: I don't know...

Darwin: Now, what?

Fireball: Okay! We slipt up team!

Penny: There's only seven of us...

Gumball: Then, let's go!

(Then, the gang climbs)

Gumball: Last one through all the mountains is the loser! (Runs)

Fireball: Let's race!

(Everyone ran expect for Bobert, who is standing there)

Bobert: That's it! That shithead not going to win!


Gumball: I'm getting tired!

Fireball: Me too!

Aguilera: By the way, where's Bobert?

Gumball: I don't know!

(Meanwhile at Elmore)

Nicole: I can't find anywhere else to ask any questions about the disapperance...

Nicole: But maybe!

(Later at the house)

Anais: Where's are they?

Nicole: They disappered for two days!

(Phone rings)

Nicole: I get it.

(She got the phone and talks to a random person)

Nicole: Hello? What? You going to find them! Thank. Bye!

(She hangs up the phone)

Anais: You already know that's someone from school!

Nicole: He's coming to rescue them!

(Now back at the mountain)

Gumball: This is taking forever to get home or get everything back home!

Gumball: When me and Penny breakup, I look like that going to take long!

Darwin: Look, We find a way out!

Fireball: But what about-

Gumball: Forget that idiot. He's never know he's made it!

(After they reach the end, they were shocked)

MeeMee: What the...

Bobert: I told you I going to win!

Gumball: Hey, you can fly!

MeeMee: We can't!

Aguilera: Well, expect me!

Gumball: I going to kill you once we get back home!

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