Mabel Watterson
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Gender: Female
Age: 12(in Season 1 and 2)
13 (in Season 3 and in The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie)
17 (in The Amazing World of Gumball: After Years)
14 (Season 4)
Birthday: Octomber 16th, 2000
Species: Cat
Also Known as: Mabs
Amabilissima (by Nuttels)
Hothands (baseball pseudonym)
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Lesbian
Occupation: Student
Ruler of Fire
Friends: Martha
Purriana (frenemies)
Penny (girlfriend)
Enemies: Purriana (formerly)
Evil Emily
Relatives: Gumball Watterson (Quadruplet brother)
Rayona Watterson (Quadruplet sister)
Purriana Watterson(Quadruplet sister)
Anais Watterson (Sister)
Nicole Watterson (Mother)
Richard Watterson (Father)
Yvonne (incarnation)
Voiced by: Bridgit Mendler

Mabel Watterson is a main character in RC fandom. She is Gumball's eldest between his quadruplet sisters.


Nicole and Richard expected to have just one more child, but were however baffled by the fact they will have quadruplets. Months later, Nicole went into labor for 18 hours and after that, she was ready for delivery. Mabel was born first (and the only one born naturally), then Purriana was born after 20 minutes. Rayona was next, then Gumball (with an ugly facial structure). Since her family suffered from financial and emotional problems, Nicole sent the quadruplets to their grandparents Helen and Viktor (who were living in Portland, Maine back then) until they were six, while she and Richard tried to handle everything how they could with Geraldine's funding, and taking them back for a month twice a year. They eventually came back home after their fourth birthday, because Nicole believed that they should learn the reason why she left them with their grandparents and they never really had time to spend with their children: they were very poor, but once their financial situation has returned to the waterline, the two decided to bring the kids back to spend quality time. This gives the young Mabel some hope and confidence for the future, and her compassion for her mother grew more and more.

When she was 4, the quadruplets were sent to a public kindergarten, because Nicole wanted them to socialize with other kids. However, they did not make a lot of friends, and preferred to stick with each other. At five, Mabel discovered a baseball bat around her grandparents' hose and started to play with it on the backyard's fence with a small rubber ball. Richard noticed her game as he was proceeding to put the clothes on the clothes line and proposed her to let him teach her baseball and to buy her a brand new baseball set. This starts Mabel's affinity for everything baseball related, such as collecting baseball trading cards, baseball gloves and so on forth.

One day, as she was playing with a new ball, she accidentally threw it in one of the windows of her neighbors' house, thus breaking it. At first, she considered keeping it a secret, but knowing that their neighbors would get mad, she decided to face them and tell them the truth. But, as she was about to knock at their front door, it was suddenly opened by their daughter Dolores. She was very inquisitive about her, and starts making friends with her. However, Dolores was never aware of the fact Mabel developed a crush on her, and only thought of her as her best friend. Mabel was as well scared of disclosing her crush towards her, since she's heard her grandfather being negative towards people who loved other people of the same gender, so she tried her best to hide it from everyone, except her siblings, who were supportive. She and Dolores went to preschool together, but in parallel classes. At the age of 6, Nicole found out she was pregnant again and Dolores had to move away because her grandmother died. Heartbroken, Mabel only bid her goodbye and cried in her room. She eventually got over her crush, but is still saddened by the fact it's unlikely they would meet again.

Shortly before starting elementary school, Purriana had to leave home so she could pursue her career as a child actress. Despite keeping touch via video chat weekly, Mabel felt her sister changed a lot as the time passed and weren't as close as they used to be. During second grade, pupils of Elmore Elementary teamed up with those of San Diego Elementary for an Arts and Crafts contest for elementary schools all around California. The Watterson siblings formally met the Nuttels siblings for the first time, in spite of being family friends, and Mabel got to know them better and to befriend them. After the contest, Cobby was sad to go back home, but she promised her she'd take care of him if they were to meet again and spend more time.

At around her first day in Elmore Junior High (which is the time when the Nuttelses moved to Elmore), she immediately had making friends on her to-do list, some of her trials almost didn't fail. She has heard about their new neighbors before starting school and was ecstatic to meet them. After getting to know two of them, she finds a familiar face on the hallways during recess - an anxiety-struck Cobby, whom she almost immediately identified. As she tried to remind him of her, he started to cry and Mabel held his hand in order to calm him down, but he pulled his arm away from her and run. She felt guilty for making him uncomfortable, without understanding what was going on and tried to make up for the incident by standing up to Jamie when she was about to annoy Cobby. He thanked her and talked to her for the first time and Mabel apologized for making him feel bad and reassured him she would be there for him.

The evening after, the Wattersons welcomed the Nuttelses into the neighborhood. She re-met Cobby, and said hello to him. Gumball and Darwin came into the scene and introduced themselves to him. She also said hello to Martha, but the latter didn't seem to recognize her.

One time, Purriana returned home, and they started to question why she became so infatuated and egocentric. Despite this, her interactions with Purriana went smoothly, until, that is, they had a fight. In the end, the quads reconciled and accepted each other.


Mabel is a chubby blue cat with a strong build and medium height. She has shoulder-length messy medium brown hair, which becomes yellow, orange and red at the tips, resembling a flame. She has pale gold eyes with gold slit pupils. Unlike Gumball, all her whiskers are visible. Her attire consists of a burgundy sweater vest over a dark red-violet short-sleeved shirt, dark brown collar, cuffs and a wide ribbon around her waist, a burgundy knee-length skirt and black Mary Janes with white socks. She also has hairy legs. On most occasions, Mabel brings with her a orange shoulder bag with a a red-orange flame sign on it.

In the first episode of Season 3, she wears a sport jacket over a fluffy pink dress, assorted with long, checkered with red and pink socks and brown boots.

In the rest of Season 3, she wears a green shirt with trail,1/4 inch pants and orange sandals.

In the early design, she wears a blue shirt with a purple skirt, her hair is styled in a ponytail and wore pink sandals.

In Season 4, her hair is longer and in a ponytail. Her attire consists of a fucsia cotton jacket over a chatreuse dress, indigo tights and purple ankle boots. Her lightning mark disappeared. She keeps her Flaria Gem in a belt, and wears orange gloves with a fire sign.


Mabel is considered to be very curious, plucky, trustworthy, passionate, compassionate and loyal, but odd, naïve, awkward, a little way too confident, sometimes reckless and uneducated. She seems to enjoy meeting new people and befriending them, and even if she fails, she rarely, if ever, gives up. She is also a really creative person.

Mabel loves everything related to baseball, in spite of being a rookie when it comes to sports in general. She collects trade cards with famous baseball players, has ten baseball gloves, watches the league, etc. She has even created her own softball club, which was however disbanded.

Despite the fact Mabel loves her father a lot, she is fonder of her mother and her side of family, mostly because she spent a good time around them and can sympathize with Granny Helen more than with Granny Jojo (who constantly misspells her name). She is convinced Nicole has had a rough life and she keeps convincing everyone (including herself) she would become either a famous baseball player, a fashion designer or rich to end world hunger and famine.

Although not to the same extent as Gumball, Mabel has some sort of an ego and can be insensitive without meaning it. She lacks a good understanding of manners, and is ridiculously trying way too much. She is nevertheless determinated to do stuff right, no matter how wrong it is.


Mabel inherits her pyrokinesis from Yvonne and has the same strength of her siblings' powers.

  • Pyrokinesis - She is able to generate fireballs from her hands, control non-generated flames and even create medium-sized fires. She seems to have no power over lightnings or lava, though.
  • Superhuman Strenght in Upper Limbs - She may not be a good athlete, but her arms are incredibly strong. She has strong grips, she is claimed to almost suffocate several people with her hugs and she basically can hit a ball with a baseball bat and send it to the Moon, hence the nickname "Hothands". Her legs are pretty wobbly, though.


Main article: Mabel Watterson/Relationships


  • Mabel isn't half as good at singing as she believes, despite her voice actress being a singer.
  • She knows how to play the clarinet. 
  • She can cuss in Russian.
  • She is the only quadruplet who uses her first name rather than to go by a nickname.
    • Considering that Gumball and Rayona have legally changed their names, this makes Purriana the only quadruplet who goes by a nickname.
  • She is the reincarnation of Yvonne, and has some of her pyrokinesis.
  • She is the tallest quadruplet, being one inch taller than Rayona and Purriana, but two inches taller than Gumball. Despite this, she is still rather short for her age.
  • The symbols on her gloves give her the ability to sense incoming enemies.
  • It's revealed she actually attended karate classes, but later had to give up because she never had interest in them in the first place.
  • Mabel loves collecting baseball cards and postcards, to the point she brings some of her favorites in her shoulder bag.
  • Mabel has a sweet tooth.
  • She usually cannot detect whether someone is lying or not. Unless that person is Purriana.
  • She has in her shoulder bag:
    • the Flaria Gem and the gloves;
    • several of her favorite baseball cards and postcards;
    • her smartphone;
    • a baseball cap;
    • a bottle of water;
    • a $4 toy robot;
    • a camera;
    • a chocolate bar;
    • some magazines;
    • a baseball bat;
    • wax crayons;
    • ice cream (she had it for sometime there and it melted);
    • a laser gun (she doesn't know how it got there);
    • bits of Purriana's hair (she doesn't know how they got there either).
    • She once joked about having a pocket dimension inside it.
  • Her shoulder bag apparently can fit Gumball and Darwin inside.
  • She believes romantic books are "exceedingly bland and not realistic at all".
  • She usually gets straight Bs in Math.
  • Mabel claims she and Anais have once planned to cover the school with Daisy the Donkey posters to avenge the poor treatment Miss Simian gave her during middle school, but had to scrap it because she was "an unpredictable million-year-old baboon who smells like a lit candle made of cow earwax".
  • Mabel is actually good at cooking gingerbread, but she may or may occasionally set the house on fire, and not because of her powers.


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