Madison Amara Hewbert, mostly known as Maddie, is one of the main characters and semi-antagonist of the Skylarverse who debuted in The Dance. She is infamous in Higginsbury High for her arrogant and bitter personality, but Skylar seems to oblivious to the ire she receives and tries to show people her good side.

Madison Amara Hewbert
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: October 13th, 2000
Species: Cat
Also Known as: Madison
Maddie (most common)
Occupation: Student
Friends: Alexis (sidekick)
Frodo (friend on his side, frenemy/sidekick on her side)
Skylar (frenemy)
Drace (frenemy)
Enemies: Skylar (frenemy)
Drace (frenemy)
most people in Higginsbury High
Relatives: Mother
Brianna (older sister)
Younger sister
Debut: The Dance


Born on Friday the 13th, Maddie has always been considered herself unlucky. Since she was born shortly before her younger sister and wasn't as loved as her other sisters. As a result, her mother would misspell her name and sometimes even forget about her existence. The only family member Maddie has been fond of was her father, who would take her to the local Daisyland or to a baseball game. When she was six, just before starting elementary school, he untimely passed in a work accident. The loss of the only person she's known to be nice to her, followed by the bullying she's received in school, have shattered her hope and shifted her personality into a bitter, cynical and apathetic jerk.

When she started middle school, Maddie would insult and one time even phisically attack her fellow classmates for no reason and started seeing a counselor in order to combat her insecurity and reduce her bullying urges. She ended up in Skylar's clique more by accident than, when her counselor suggested she should make friends.


Maddie is a blue cat with an average build, azure eyes with teal slit pupils and long strawberry blonde wavy hair. Her attire consists of a midnight blue long-sleeved shirt, a white ribbon tied around her waist, a light periwinkle skirt and purple flats.




Skylar Peterson

Skylar is Maddie's "counselor" who tries to show her and others "the golden heart hidden behind dark bares", even if this occasionally backfires and the two end up arguing. However, Skylar's attitude on her does have an effect on Maddie and she actually starts seeing the former as an actual friend than a nuisance as the two grow up. Somehow, Skylar can relate with Maddie and her insecurites.


Alexis doesn't hate Maddie nor does she believe she's a nice person; she is rather scared by her demeanor, but is willing to help her become a better person by being her sidekick, much to Skylar's pleasure and Maddie's annoyance.


Frodo is the only person who constantly believes Maddie is actually a good person at heart, just really misunderstood. In return, she sees him as a genuine friend, no matter how annoying he can be in her opinion, and lets him be her sidekick.


  • She is the middle of three sisters.

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