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11 (Season 1 and 2), 12 (Season 3), 14 (Season 4) 17 (Aguilera's World), 2 (The Origins)



Also Known as:

MeeMee Monkey


Gumball, Darwin, Aguilera, Penny, YanYan, AiAi, Natalya, Martha, Cobby, Jill, Yoko, Cindy, George, Jim


Crypto, Chris (sometimes), Masami, Alyssa (sometimes)


AiAi (boyfriend)


Aguilera's World Episode 1: The Rich Girl takes it All

MeeMee is a character on The Amazing World of Gumball

Fanfiction Apperance

  1. Aguilera's World Episode 1: The Rich Girl takes it All
  2. Aguilera's World Episode 2: Who Killed Principal Brown?
  3. Lost in the land Part 1
  4. Lost in the land Part 2
  5. Lost in the land Part 3
  6. Lost in the land Part 4
  7. The Fireball Adventure
  8. The Sleepover
  9. Angel Jump
  10. Sport is my lord
  11. The Evils Watterson
  12. The Robot (REVISED) (Cameo)
  13. Spicy Love
  14. Horror
  15. Dimension
  16. Dimension Part 2
  17. Paranormal Radioactivity
  18. The Card
  19. Vote for me!
  20. Review it
  21. The Saleswoman
  22. The Antonio
  23. Turn of Events
  24. The Breakup
  25. The Problem (part 1)
  26. The Portal
  27. Black Wand
  28. Fortune Cookie
  29. Darwin Runsaway
  30. Underneath my skin there's an Eagle
  31. Up and Down
  32. Freeze
  33. The Anger Management
  34. The Horror Begins
  35. The Hell
  36. The Bubbles
  37. The Growth
  38. The Space
  39. The TV
  40. The Bite
  41. The End of the World
  42. Beast Feast
  43. Tonio 321 Gets Blocked
  44. Hacker Tracker
  45. The Treatment
  46. The Movie
  47. The Missle
  48. The Zombie
  49. Elmore's Got Talent!
  50. The Bones
  51. The Worm
  52. The Drug
  53. The Prom (CandyAnaisWatterson777)
  54. The Dog Invasion
  55. The Bros
  56. The Lie
  57. The Society
  58. The Pizza
  59. The Shell
  60. The Saint (Cameo)
  61. The Fan (Cameo)
  62. The Law
  63. The Safety (cameo)
  64. The Countdown (Cameo)
  65. The Pest (cameo)
  66. The Return
  67. The Triangle
  68. The Gift
  69. The Origins (Cameo)
  70. The Advice (Cameo)
  71. The Singal
  72. The Awkwardness (Cameo)
  73. The Nest (Cameo)

The Amazing World of Gumball: Tapped Watterson Information

MeeMee appears as a character in the game. In order to unlock her, you must buy her for 10 Elmore Dollars.

Wish List

  • Banana Ice Cream
  • Banana Cake
  • Banana Juice
  • Banana Bread
  • Ice Cream Pizza


  • In the episode, Sport is my lord, She good at Volleyball.
  • She's a worker at The Rainbow Factory.
  • MeeMee get injured on Review it, The Evils Watterson, Mission Top Secret, and The Breakup
  • She watches Phineas and Ferb, Tom & Jerry, Austin & Ally, Digimon Fusion, Family Guy, Total Drama series, Win or Don't Win, and The Big Bang Theory.
  • Ravi dosen't really like her much.
  • Her birthday is May 7, reavling she's is a Monkey.
  • In The Breakup, She's wore a red dress for Gumball and Penny's wedding.
  • Based on MeeMee's Crazy Moment, She don't like Crypto very much...
  • As in The End of the World, she extermely hates Natalya.
  • In Season 4, MeeMee wears a white shirt opposite to being shirtless and red skirt.
  • MeeMee's pajamas are similar to Nikki's from Dork Diaries.
  • In The Movie, MeeMee votes for Most Friendly and saw the two of them having sex.
  • Before Season 3 premiered, MeeMee went to Daisyland for a week.
  • MeeMee had straight A's and B's in her classes at school.
  • As in The Cocaine, Chris don't like her much, even when he's high.
  • In the Japanese version of Gumball, her name is Lily.
  • MeeMee was 2 years old on The Origins.


MeeMee is smart and likes fashion. She's know as the Crazy fashion student in Elmore. She is very mature and always do everything. In Horror, She's can't survive very horror movies such as Cherry and allergic to berry (Not strawberry or blueberry), bees, and nuts.

She's also a hero. She's saved everyone from Masami's sweatshop on The Rich Girl takes it All helping Aguilera baking a pie. In The Breakup, she's suffered severe vomiting and stomach pain by eating something burn.

In The End of the World, MeeMee got angry at Natalya for using cocaine, meth, Ecstasy, and LSD for a reason. Because of that, she use other drugs and she think she could fly.


Gumball Watterson

Gumball is her friend. He always help her solve problems and save the world. As in Lost in the land, She's makes a referances to the show Phineas & Ferb.

Fireball Watterson

Fireball is also her friend. She told him to watch Phineas and Ferb in Lost in the land.


AiAi is her friend/girlfriend. He's a journalist in the Journal Club and saw Natalya jump off a window in The End of the World.


Yarnball is her friend. They going to help Natalya get off of drugs in The Treatment.





Chris Redfield

Chris is her friemiene. In The Cocaine, the two got into a argumement.

Alyssa Ashcroft=

They don't really like each other. MeeMee always hated her attitude and she's bossy.


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