Mercury Geller
Sorry, it's an old image.
Age 16
Gender Female
Aliases The Sun Girl, Mercy
Residence Elmore (on vacantions), Glenmore
Species Lion
Friends Tyson, Monty, Richard, Gumball, Darwin, and Mabel Watterson
Enemies Fireball,
Relatives The Wattersons (somewhat, she is Tyson's gouvernator)
Debut It's Tyson Again

Mercury Geller is Tyson Watterson's germaphobe gouvernator.


Mercury is a 16-years old gold lion. She has amber eyes. She has one short, puffy ponytail and another long, straight one. On one of her ears, there is a Sun-shaped birthmark. She wears a dark red blazer over a white shirt, grey skirt and red shoes.


Mercury is very responsable in every thing she does. She loves to cook and clean (She's obsessed with cleaning, because she's sorta germaphobe.) and she takes 3 showers a day. (One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night.) Her interests include reading, cleaning, doing environmental acts, and hanging at the local noodle shop. She has a split personality that can go off any time she gets really angry. Her "nice" personality is smart, polite, caring, and sweet, while her "crazy" personality is fierce, brutal, hot-tempered, and incredibly strong.

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