• This fanfic has frequent use of guns and explovises - SUPER FREQUENT use of 'em! Or nut?


Fireball: Hello!


Fireball: Sorry.

Gumball: Today, we'll tell you the story of when Monty was tiny bit younger. Like, 6 years old? Back when he -

Cheryl: Ran a city, blah blah blah, it was called Montymore, blah blah blah, it got destroyed, blah blah blah, the end.

Gumball: HEY! This Montymore had awesome neighborhoods, mansions were no cheaper than 30 dollars a DECADE, free labs, and best of all, the opputurnity to make this show for FREE! Well, maybe a cent, but only a cent per DECADE, again.

Once upon a time, there was a city

Monty: Take that!

Mabel:  Wut?  :-/

Nicole: Hey, is that... A DYNAMITE? Mmmmmmm...... WHAT'S GOING ON?!

Monty: Yay!

Nicole: Well, you're at LEAST in time out for 2 and a half minutes or so.

"I'M NOT BORING!" Hector - This fanfic isn't finished yet. Pretty please do some length edits?

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