Montymore is in an alternate dimension where Elmore is ruled by Monty and Mabel, and Carr left. This was once in the universe we used to see back when Monty was 6, and it consists of an extra family: The Goodies.

The Goodies


  • Robert - He is an 11 year old light purple-pink cat. He is a fan of Maroon 5's music.
  • Johnny - He is a light orange cat. He just loves to blog. He is also 4 years younger than Robert.
  • Delia - She is the eldrest kid in the family. She is Mabel's identical cousin (except Mabel is blue with brown hair, and Delia is light purple-pink with blonde hair).
  • Amy - She is the youngest yet smartest kid in the family. She is Anais' identical cousin (except Anais is pink, and Amy is orange).
  • Mario - He is Robert's twin, except for 1 thing: instead of Maroon 5, he is a fan of Katy Perry.
  • Titanic - He is a sentient boat on wheels. It is possible he is either 8 years old, or 15 years old. It is hard to tell because he has the voice of Garfield the Cat.
  • Victory - The kids' mother.
  • Mitch - The kids' father.


  • Carr - Their former-evil cousin from Delmore (now Tyson Kindgom). She is actually the Glenda you know of.
  • The 10 Dippers - Their cousins from Glenmore (now Gravity Falls). Watch episode 7 from Gravity Falls, and you'll see why Glenmore is now Gravity Falls. They're actually in different cartoon-esque animals forms, and even the eleventh Dipper is a cat.
    • Cat Dipper - The leader of the 10 Dipper. He likes apples and reading. He's really fond of Physics.
    • Eleventh Dipper - Also know as Ursa, she is the only female Dipper. Her hair is long and the shorts are turned in a jeans skirt. She occassionally wears sunglasses with white heart-shaped frames and translucent pink glass.
  • Franco Manko - Another cousin. He is seen with Cat Dipper and Eleventh Dipper. He wears a red cap and red spacesuit. He lives on Moon.

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