My New Enemy Part 1The Kiddnapping

Gumball's POV

I was walking down the street talking to Penny you know the usual stuff. We were talking about like that we should go on a date and stuff like that. But soon I felt the ground rumbling and me and Penny both fell to the ground. And when i looked up to see what caused the rumbling It looked the same nothing unnormal everyone who was outside acted like nothing had happened. Whoa this is really weird. I mean no one reacting to the eathquake. So I got up and helped Penny up and we started to try to find the cause of the earthquake. "Uh Gumball what was that." Penny asked me in a worried voice. I didn't know how to answer her question and I wasn't even able to. Because when I was about to say something a blue thing burst up from the ground at light speed. "Wha-" I muttered to myself but i was cutt off by the thing grabbing me tightly by me neck. "You're coming with me." The thing said in a deep voice. "And now you're going with me the easy way or the hard way." But as he said that Penny came up from behind him and hit him with a stone just before he was going to break my neck. I fell to the floor. Oww, man everything hurts but I need to see what's going on. And when I looked up I saw something horrible. The blue guy kept on hitting Penny until blood was pourig out of her face and she was knocked out.The blue guy then grabbed Penny and looked at me. I couldn't move for a second because now that I could see him clearly his apperence was amazing. He had a blue helmet with a red screen and suit with gloves that had sharp claws on the end. I then ran towards himtrying to get back Penny from him but he quickly teleported away before I could lay a claw on him. I ran around the area he teleported from because I couldn't beleive that he was gone. No luck. I culdn't find a way to get to him. But as I was searching the area I found a letter that said to Gumball Watterson.


  • This marks the first apperence of Scar
  • This story is told by Gumball's

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