Shut up i mean it

Inspired by the Cat in the hat movie kupcake inator scene

Narrator: Clayton is showing off a new cooking device to make cupcakes at a cooking show but after he makes the design something b..

Clayton: And you put it in an oven made by me also that needs to be eleventy seven degrees

Loon Host: If you do that on a regular oven will it be....

Loon Host and audience: IMPOSSIBLE?!?!?!?

Son of a bi***

Clayton: Yes

Clayton: Your stupid

Loon Host: Now.. wait just a minute

Clayton: And your ugly just like your mom

Loon Host: Did you just call my mother ugly?

Hang in there baby

Clayton: (grabs chainsaw) Shut Up I mean it I will end you

(slices through eye)

6 year old Horse fly: Your eye

Clayton: About what

Clayton: I can see without my eyeb....

(notices his eye was sliced)

Clayton: Son of a bi


(shows Clayton on a sink in a locker room with the word Hang in there Baby then athe end)

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